Finish 6 by summer update 2

If you didn’t know, last September I started my first project pan, the finish 6 by summer project. In this I chose 6 products I wanted to finish by the beginning of summer, June 2021. I’ll link my Intro and First update for you to see the products I started with and have made progress on already.

I have also recently started a year long project 10 pan. I’ll link the intro Here.

The last 2 months I’ve made a lot of progress on certain products, and not as much on other ones. This update sees 2 products rolled out and replaced with others. One of these products was completely used up, the other was decluttered.

I’ll start by talking about the product I used up, The Nivea gradual tan body moisturiser. I used this about 3 or 4 times after the last update before this ran out. I liked how subtle colour this gave, the pleasant sweet scent and light hydration. I swapped this out for the Bondi sands everyday gradual tanning milk. This is a large bottle of product, and this gives a lot more colour than the Nivea one, so I find that I don’t need to use this as often. This smells like cocoa butter and biscuits, it doesn’t bother me much. You can see that I’ve used quite a bit since I started using it, the black line marking the start. I’ll enjoy getting the use out of this product, though I don’t think I’ll be using it up quickly.

Next up is the models co contour stick. You can see from the pictures that I’ve used quite a bit of this since the last update, though not as much as I’d have wanted. I was using this a lot after my last update, though I do have a habit of using it less as time goes on. I do still enjoy using this product, and think it adds to my makeup look, especially as my skin is a lot paler at the moment. This adds a natural warmth to my face. I don’t think this will be done by next update, but it would be nice if it was.

Next up is the smash box cream blush. Similarly with the contour stick, I use this a lot more straight after my updates. I got quite a lot of use from this, the consistency and colour makes it easier to use a more often. I’ve grown to really enjoy this balmy texture as a blush base colour. It adds a warmth and colour to my skin that I enjoy. I predict that I’ll have finished this product by the next update, so I’ll be swapping in my bare minerals pop of passion blush balm in nude passion. This has a similar texture to the smash box one, though this is a more warm neutral colour.

Next product is my W7 on the rocks palette, and the 3 shades I picked. There was a lot of noticeable progress in all 3 shades this update, though mostly in the shade body shot where I hit pan. I don’t where the same eyeshadow everyday so I knew I wouldn’t make a lot of progress in this palette, but being able to make dents in all 3 shades was great. My focus for next time is to hit pan in bellini.

The final product the I made noticeable progress on is the pixi glow mist. I don’t use this every time I do my makeup, especially considering I’m going away from the super dewy makeup look. I still managed to get a lot of use out of this product, though I’m not sure how much use I’ll get before the next update.

The final update is for my nyx intense gloss. I decided to declutter this product a few weeks ago as I had only used it about 4 times since putting it in this project, and really had no want to use it. I replaced it with a nyx soft matte lip cream that I’ve been using a bit recently. I’ve been going for more full glam makeup and this matte lip has been my go to. It’s comfortable and goes with most makeup looks. The only problem is that this is really difficult to measure progress on. I’ll try my best, and hopefully the more I use it, the easier it’ll be to keep track of.

That’s everything for this update. I’m happy with all the progress I made over the last two months. I’m excited to make more in the next two.

Until next time,

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