Finish 6 by summer update 2

If you didn’t know, last September I started my first project pan, the finish 6 by summer project. In this I chose 6 products I wanted to finish by the beginning of summer, June 2021. I’ll link my Intro and First update for you to see the products I started with and have made progress […]

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Finish 6 by summer update 1

It’s been 2 months since my intro to this project pan, and I’m pleased to say I’ve made progress on some of my items, though not as much as I’d have hoped for. These two months have been interesting. I’ve been u officially project panning all year, but this being my first that I’m keeping […]

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Finish 6 by summer intro

So, since the beginning of the year I’ve been unofficially doing a project pan. I’ve been working on the same few makeup products to try to use them up, and luckily I’m starting to make real noticeable progress on a lot of them! I’ve been watching a lot of empties and project pan videos recently […]

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