2021 rolling project 10 pan intro

As you may have seen, last year I started my first official project pan, finish 6 by summer. Last year I really got into using up my makeup, and love watching project pan videos. I’m not at the point where I’d want to start videoing my journey, but I’m going to blog my first official year long project pan.

I’ve been using up a lot of my makeup but I’ve picked out 10 items that I’d love to move out of my collection. I’m hoping to make my collection a lot smaller over the next few years.

Right, let’s get onto the products I’m hoping to use up, in order of application.

Let’s start with primer. For someone who doesn’t really care for primer, I have quite a few, so I’m focussing on 2 to start the year. The MUA mattifying primer feels like my perfect primer, but I’m not sure how much it actually does for my makeup, it definitely doesn’t mattify. I’m also using a mini version of the clarins instant smooth perfecting primer. It’s supposed to be one of those bluring pore filling primers, but I don’t find it really does anything to help. I won’t mind using it up, but wouldn’t repurchase.

Next up is foundation. I’ve been wanting to use up the Revolution foundation drops for a while because I really like this foundation. The colour is great for me in my paler months, so I’m hoping I can get some good use from it for the first part of the year. I’d love to be able to use it up before the halfway mark but I’m not keeping my fingers crossed. I prefer a more Natural look at the moment so don’t use much at a time.

I used up my first concealer ever last year, which has given me the confidence to try to empty at least 2 this year. The first is the MUA pro base concealer. I’ve used quite a lot of this product already. I really enjoyed this last year, it’s a medium coverage, natural matte finish, and actually looks quite nice on my skin. This is a great colour for me now, but I can use it to brighten when I get more tanned if I need too. The next concealer is the George by Asda brightening concealer. This is a lovely formula, glowy and hydrating, great for the undereyes. I haven’t used this a lot, but I’m hoping it will be fairly easy to use up with consistent use.

The face powder I’m focussing on is one that I was using last year. The Clinique stay matte powder isn’t my favourite, but when used correctly can be great on my skin. I managed to hit pan on it last year, and have since repressed it. There’s still a lot of product in there but I’m hoping that this is the year I’ll get it gone. I haven’t got lots of powders so I’m not too worried about using them all up quickly, but I would like to get this one out.

I have a mini version of the Clinique sun kissed bronzer that I’m hoping I can finish. I hit pan on a bronzer last year which took the longest time, but this one is slightly less pigmented, and a more suitable colour for my skin, which I’m hoping will mean I’ll be able to use a bit more of it. It will also be easier to use in the summer when I’m a bit darker. I actually quite enjoy this bronzer, so are looking forward to using it, but won’t be repurchasing from Clinique for the time being due to their cruelty free status.

Next is two mini eyeshadow trios that I’ve had for far too long without using. These trios don’t stand out to me as being anything overly special, but they’re nice enough quality for me to not want to get rid of them, and the colours are perfect for everyday use. The first is the beauty crop trio that I got in a Birchbox I think. I haven’t had a Birchbox subscription for a few years so this is obviously quite old. I’ve lightly used this palette but not enough to make any real impact. The second is this Clinique eyeshadow trio. Again, these are perfect for everyday, but this palette has less use than the other. I’m hoping because the pans are quite small in size that I’ll be able to make quick progress. These palettes also work perfectly alongside my finish 6 by summer palette shades.

The final product in this project is my Barry m highlighter stick in iced bronze. I started using this last year and found I actually really like how it looks on the skin. I apply it to a sponge then lightly dab on my cheeks and get the smoothest, wet look highlighter. There’s not a huge amount of product in this tube, and I used quite a bit last year so I’m hoping that this won’t take me all year, but it all depends on how frequently I use it. I’m still not in the routine of using cream products and have to really remember to use them.

That’s it for this intro. My plan is to update this monthly, though it will mostly depend on how much progress I have made. No point updating if there aren’t any updates.

Have you tried project panning? Do you have any tips?

Thank you for reading this post! I always appreciate those of you who read and interact.

Until next time,

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