Finish 6 by summer intro

So, since the beginning of the year I’ve been unofficially doing a project pan. I’ve been working on the same few makeup products to try to use them up, and luckily I’m starting to make real noticeable progress on a lot of them!

I’ve been watching a lot of empties and project pan videos recently to keep myself motivated, and I came across some finish 5 by fall videos, and obviously seeing as autumn officially started yesterday in the UK, I couldn’t take part in that. I did a little research and saw that there was a summer version, so I thought I’d start my first official project pan, and aim to finish 6 by summer.

I’m going to talk about the 6 products I’ll be working on in a second, but firstly just lay out my specific rules for this. As I’m new to project planning, I’m not sure what the official rules are, but these are what’s easiest for me.

My aim is to finish the 6 products I’ve chosen by the beginning of British summer, June 21st 2021. If I finish any of the products before then, I can roll in a new product to take its place. The rolled in product does not have to be in the same category of product as the one used up. I should always have 6 products in this project.

I’m not going to be weighing or measuring my products on a piece of paper. Instead I’ll just be posting progress photos. this may change after this first project if I get more serious about it, but I want this to be enjoyable, and keeping it minimal is the most enjoyable thing to me.

I’ll be updating every other month roughly around this date, to show progress and show any new products. If throughout this project I find that this isn’t often enough I will do it monthly, but don’t want to make any promises.

That’s all for my rules, let’s get into the products. The majority of these products are makeup, but I will be adding skincare or body care if I choose.

First I’ll start off with the one body care product I do have. The nivea firming gradual tan moisturiser. This isn’t an old product for me, but I think I’ll really benefit from not only being forced to moisturise my whole body regularly, but also a little bit of warmth to my skin over the colder months. You can see in the picture that I’ve already used a bit of this (the line), and I think with regular use I should easily be able to finish this by the first update.

The second item is the model co contour stick. I’ve had this since receiving it in a birch box, and I haven’t used it much since. There isn’t a lot to this product, and as it blends out very easily on the skin, I feel like this should be easily incorporated into my everyday makeup routine. I’m hoping this can be finished by the first update if I remember to use it.

The 3rd item, similar to the second, is a smash box cream blush stick in the shade silver lake sunset. I think this may have been a sample of some sort, as I know the smash box sticks are bigger than this. For me, this formula is very wet looking, but doesn’t have much colour payoff. I’ve tried it a few times and haven’t had any issues with powdering over this and applying a powder blush, so hoping I can get use out of it that way, but we will see how that works. If I can get daily use from this I’ll expect it to be done by the first update.

The next product, is the first that I’m expecting to take a while to use. This nyx intense butter gloss has been with me for a while, but just isn’t the type of colour I use. I’ve tried it recently, and have applied a small amount, blended it onto the lips, and then applied a nude gloss on top to tone down the redness, which had resulted in a lovely colour for this time of year. With the whole mask situation, I’m not foreseeing being able to wear this most days of the week while I’m working. I’m hoping I’ll be able to finish it by summer, but who knows. I’m not a big lip colour person which is why I wanted to add this into this project to finally get some use from it.

The next product is actually an eyeshadow palette. The W7 on the rocks palette, which I bought as I think it’s a dupe for the ABH subculture palette, is the perfect palette for this time of year. I’ve chosen 3 shades specifically to aim at using up, body shot, Bellini, and last call. I’ve not used these shades much prior to this, so it will be like panning brand new shades, which is why I picked shades that I should be able to use regularly. If I manage to use a shade, I will pick another shade to finish until the first 3 have been used. I’m not sure if I’ll keep switching shades through this project, or if I’ll change the product once the original 3 are finished.

The final product is this 160ml Pixi glow mist. I’ve had a smaller version of this, which I loved and used in a few months, so I’m hoping this will be easy to use, though my makeup preference has changed a bit since using the last bottle. That was the height of summer when I was all about glossy skin. I am leaning more towards just a natural finish at the moment, but this mist definitely gives a wet look to the skin. I really like the mister on this bottle, and it is hydrating so it will be perfect for the colder months to keep my skin fresh.

Those are the 6 products I’ll be working on over the next 9 months. What do you think of the products I’ve picked? Do you use any of these yourself? Are you taking part in 6 by summer? If so, please let me know so I can keep up to date with your progress too!

Thank you for reading this blog post, I’ll see you in my next one!

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