Finish 6 by summer update 1

It’s been 2 months since my intro to this project pan, and I’m pleased to say I’ve made progress on some of my items, though not as much as I’d have hoped for. These two months have been interesting. I’ve been u officially project panning all year, but this being my first that I’m keeping track of had put me under a lot of pressure, I think this is part of the reason that I’d didn’t make the progress I wanted.

Let’s get onto the products. Let’s start off with the Nivea firming + radiance gradual tan body moisturiser. As you can see from the line, I did manage to use quite a bit of this, though it’s definitely one of the products I could and should have finished already. I’m notoriously bad at moisturising after I shower, so a lot of the time I just didn’t bother using this. When I did, I found it nicely moisturising and pleasantly scented. I’m going to focus on this for the next week or two to get it finished.

As my next update isn’t until next year, I’ll announce now what I plan to introduce once I’ve finished this, as I’m sure it’ll be completely gone before then. I’ll swap in this bondi sands gradual tan to replace this. This is a much larger bottle and had considerably more product in so I’m expecting this one to take as long, if not longer.

Next up is the model co cream contour stick. I felt like I used this quite a lot, though looking back at the older picture I’m not so sure. I started using this by applying it directly onto my skin, though I’ve been applying it onto the brush then buffing onto the skin. I found this gives much more colour payoff than the previous method. Unless I use this more consistently I’m not sure I’ll be finishing this before the next update, though I’m hoping I’ll get my ass in gear and finish it sooner.

Next up we have the smash box cream blush in silver lake sunset. Another product that I felt like I’d used more. Every time I used the cream contour I used this also, and my application method was the same too. I find on the skin this blends out to almost nothing, but gives a lovely balmy glow to the skin, and doesn’t disrupt the makeup underneath. There is less of this product than the contour, so I’m hoping I can get it out before next update, and because it’s more sheer I can layer a lot more of this product. I’m still not sure I’ll get it finished before next update though.

Next is the NYX butter gloss intense in the shade chocolate apple. I will admit that I haven’t put nearly enough effort into using this. I put this in because it’s not something I’m drawn to and tend to avoid, but I should’ve realised that that would make it difficult to use. I’ve used it a few times by applying a small amount then applying a light pink gloss on top, to create a deeper dusty rose shade, a little more wearable for me. The mask wearing the the moment hasn’t helped encourage me to use it, though I’ve been furloughed for about 2 weeks so I can completely use that as an excuse. I need to put a bit of effort into using this, or just get rid of it. I think if I haven’t used it considerably more by next update I’ll just declutter this product.

The next product is the large pixi glow mist. This was completely brand new when I brought it in, and I’ll admit I haven’t used it as much as I maybe should have. Some days I don’t feel like I need to mist my makeup. Recently though, I’ve been using a lot more powder to try and make more progress in my Clinique pressed powder, so I have been using this more to settle the powdery look. I’ve made a decent amount of progress on this, considering most of it has been in the last week or so. If I can keep using it at this pace then I should have a good amount of progress by next update!

The final update is for the 3 shades from my W7 on the rocks palette. When I chose these colours, I picked them because I thought they’d be easy enough to use regularly, but aren’t just browns. I’ve used Bellini, and body shot the most, though have used last call a few times to deepen the outer corner or line the lashes. Since grabbing this palette out, I’ve actually used the green shadows in here a lot more than I thought I would which has been a lovely surprise. I definitely won’t finish this palette before summer, I’m hesitant to say I’ll even finish these 3 shades before summer, but I’m enjoying using them.

That’s everything for my first update. Not the quickest moving or most progress, but that’s definitely given me motivation to make better progress for my next update, due Jan.

I hope you enjoyed reading! If you have any tips of how I can make better progress I’d love to hear them!

Until next time

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