2021 rolling project 10 pan update 1

So it’s been about a month since my intro for my first year long project pan, and it’s a real mixed bag in terms of progress. For the last week and a bit I’ve been quite ill so this month hasn’t seen as much makeup as I’d have expected. With that being said, I’d hope to see more progress in February, as long as I don’t find myself ill again.

Let’s start off with primer. As you see from the pictures I made a decent amount of progress on my MUA pro base banana primer. I used this every time I applied makeup so do always get quite a good bit of use from it. The more I use this the more I realise it doesn’t do much to smooth my skin prior to makeup, but it does help hydrate my skin and make it feel nice. As much as I prefer the feel of these style primers I don’t think they work as well on my skin type as the dreaded siliconey ones. I’d love this finish this before my April update.

The mini clarins instant smooth primer is another product I use every time I wear makeup, though I only apply this to my t-zone. This does look blurring as you apply it but it blends out to noticing and really doesn’t help my makeup in any way. I didn’t hate applying it but won’t repurchase cause it is a wasted step. With the slow progress, I’d be happy to finish this by July.

Next is the revolution foundation drops. I found this was a bit dark for me at the moment, so I’ve been mixing this with a slightly lighter foundation and have enjoyed the results. I’ve still managed to use quite a bit of this foundation which is good. As much as I like this foundation, I’d love to get it out of my collection in the next couple of months and move into some of my other, preferably more expensive ones. I’d love to be down to the E by next month so I’m gonna work hard on that.

Next up are my concealers. We’ll start with the MUA pro base one. I still really enjoy this concealer, though I find at the moment it’s a good colour for all over my face, and is a little too drying for my undereye area, so it’s probably the best time of year to use it. I did notice that I wasn’t getting much product out recently so I have removed the stopper, which has shown that there’s still a lot of product in there. I’m hoping to get this finished in the next two months.

Also ignore the bottle shape, I put it next to a hot candle and it melted

The brightening concealer from George is one that I mostly use under my eye as it’s a bit brighter and more hydrating. Similarly to the MUA one I removed the stopper as I wasn’t getting much product out, and again there’s a lot more than I expected. I’m still hoping I can get this used in the next few months. Maybe not as soon as the MUA one though as I use less of this.

Next is the Clinique stay matte setting powder. I’ve been using this since last year, and at the end of the year I somewhat prematurely repressed it. This showed me how much was left, but it also made it slightly softer to use, so it definitely goes a bit quicker now. I’ve also found a way of using it that I prefer, as I’d really been hate panning it towards the end of 2020. As you can see with these pictures I’ve made a lot of progress, and would love to finish it by next update, but I think it might be a few months before I do.

Now this is a product that you really can’t see much progress in. My Clinique bronzer is a product I wear every time I do my makeup, but the progress is slow. I’m hoping that in a couple of months I’ll see a lot of progress at once because the product has thinned out. Either way I’m enjoying using this product and not yet tired of it which is good. I am hoping to finish this before the end of 2021, but we’ll have to see.

My Barry m highlighter is another product that I was vaguely focussing on last year, but I’m feeling really hopeful about getting a lot used. I’m not sure how much you can tell but I’ve made a bit of progress on this. I apply this to a sponge then dab it on my cheek bones and it gives a really nice wet look, but it also uses quite a bit of product. Another one I’d love to finish before the end of the year.

The final two products are my eyeshadow trios. The beauty crop trio definitely has more noticeable progress on it, though neither have been used a huge amount since the intro. I’m already sort of worried about not finishing these, but I’m hopeful I can hit pan this year at least. The gold in the beauty crop shows the most noticeable difference, so I think I’ll focus on this shade to hit pan first.

The Clinique shadows seem to be harder pressed as I’m making very slow progress despite using the cream and champagne shades in most looks. I’m hoping the pans aren’t too deep and that similarly to the bronzer I can thin them out through the year and will get a lot of progress at once. We’ll see.

That’s everything for my first update. How do you think I did? I’m not sure how I’m feeling about some items but overall quite pleased with my progress.

Thank you for reading. Until my next post or update,

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