Scentful fragrance subscription box

Recently I was reached out to by the lovely people over at scentful to try one of their subscription boxes. I was immediately interested because I’ve been trying to expand my fragrance collection, but don’t have the money to spend on expensive perfumes.

This box contains two mini fragrances, and a booklet with information about each of them, and can fit comfortably through your front door. There’s enough product in the two bottles for you to be able to try them for the whole month, giving you enough time to decide your opinion on them.

I was sent the October box, and I feel like I have a pretty good idea of the fragrances now.

The first fragrance is one that I’ve actually tried before. I tried a sample of Thierry Mugler angel muse at work and absolutely loved it, maybe not enough to buy it, but I really enjoyed it. Having one at home to try myself showed me that although it has a lot of things that I love in a scent, I really didn’t like it on myself. I’m really thankful for being able to try this again because I might have been tempted to buy a gift set or let a family member know that I liked it, which would have been bad in the long run.

The other fragrance I’ve never tried or really even heard of before, and initially I wasn’t sure on it. Jimmy choo is a very popular brand, one that I have little experience with, so I was unsure of what to expect. Reading about this fragrance, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect or whether it was gonna be my kind of thing. After having tried both though, this one is definitely my favourite. Not only that, but I’d actually consider buying this as a warmer winter scent. It’s got a light fruitiness, but a deep warmth underneath. Not my usual thing but I really enjoy this! I’m sad that the bottle was so small.

As of next year I’m not planning any beauty subscription boxes, but I am very tempted to try more of these. The box is just £11.95 a month, so very worthwhile to try. This would also be a great gift if you know someone who enjoys trying different fragrances, but was maybe hit hard by COVID and can’t justify the risk of spending the money and potentially not liking it.

I hope you enjoyed this little review and found a new brand to support.

Thank you for reading, until next time,

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