Smooshy autumn nails

​ Although I don’t really like the colours associated with autumn(fall) such as yellow, red, and orange, it felt right to use them for these nails. I used a variety of polishes for this look, and a stamper and nail art Matt instead of directly on the nail. I love the effect this has, and […]

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Clairestelle8mar: blue(2)

I decided this month to take part in a nail art challenge, I’m always trying to find new inspiration for nail art, and the prompts help to narrow down ideas. I looked through a few, but I followed clairestelle8 on Instagram (both accounts) and so her challenge was the obvious choice, plus the prompts were […]

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Colourful butterfly nails

I did these nails about a month ago and I loved the technique and the colours used!. I really wanted some cute colourful nails when I made these, and I used some of my favourite colours. The white I used as a base was ‘French manicure’ by collection. The 4 colours I sponged on were […]

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