Clairestelle8mar: Sport(5)

The second prompt for clairestelle8mar was sports. Now I’m not a very sporty person, but my boyfriend loves cricket, so that was the obvious choice!. I had to do a bit of research on it because I’m not very familiar with it, or anything to do with it, but I pulled some things together and […]

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Clairestelle8mar: blue(2)

I decided this month to take part in a nail art challenge, I’m always trying to find new inspiration for nail art, and the prompts help to narrow down ideas. I looked through a few, but I followed clairestelle8 on Instagram (both accounts) and so her challenge was the obvious choice, plus the prompts were […]

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Sapphired up by Avon – Review

I recently received a bottle of ‘sapphired up’ from Avon’s new gel shine range, out mid march. I’m a big fan of Avon nail varnish and have many of their polishes already, so I was super excited to receive this!. I saw a picture of this colour on @natashasbeautybar on Instagram and was instantly in […]

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Colourful butterfly nails

I did these nails about a month ago and I loved the technique and the colours used!. I really wanted some cute colourful nails when I made these, and I used some of my favourite colours. The white I used as a base was ‘French manicure’ by collection. The 4 colours I sponged on were […]

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Vampy heart mani

This is the second time I said I’m not gonna do something, and have then gone and done it, but its valentines day so I could hardly avoid pink hearts!. The vampy red base colour, essies ‘wicked’ completely transforms this manicure though. This colour is one of my favourites, its so cool and elegant, if […]

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Pink dry brush

I had to do some pink nails, it is the month of love and romance and soft squishyness after all! Plus dry brush is my favourite nail art technique, I love how it can look, and by using different colours, or adding glitter, you can completely change up your Mani!. Anyway, I started with 3 […]

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Blue valentines nails

As I’m not huge on pink, or red, but its coming up to valentines day, I knew I needed to do something. I decided to do a Mani using a nail varnish I love! This blue is ‘blue grape’ by BarryM! I’ve had it for so long, but its been my favourite nail varnish since […]

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Heart stitch nails

I want to try to do as many valentine Mani’s as I can before Feb 14th, and this is my first! I have another lined up that will be up soon as well! I’ve never been a big fan of themed nailed, and although I am in a happy long term relationship, I’m not really […]

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