Gemstone nails with gold caviar

I have seen a lot of nail art using gel polish that use a sheer nude/white/pink and layer it over iridescent sheet shards and have a little colour over the top (that explanation) and I always love how they look. I really wanted to try to recreate how they looked, and that’s what led to […]

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Smooshy autumn nails

​ Although I don’t really like the colours associated with autumn(fall) such as yellow, red, and orange, it felt right to use them for these nails. I used a variety of polishes for this look, and a stamper and nail art Matt instead of directly on the nail. I love the effect this has, and […]

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Laura page base coat review

When out shopping I love to pick up things to test and try, to see how well they work. Whilst out in town a month ago, I popped into my local pharmacy and picked up a base coat by Laura Paige. This wasn’t a brand I had heard of before so I was sceptical of […]

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Wikkid polish review

I was recently was sent two polishes from Sarah from Wikkid polish to review and I was beyond excited, partly because I’ve never had any indie polish before, and also because the two polishes she sent me were both unlike any polish I had before.  The first polish I tried was a beautiful holographic glitter […]

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Blue fan brush gradient

I recently bought some new brushes, because I wanted to try a fan brush gradient. I didn’t really have an idea in my head, but I think they turned out really nice.  The two polishes I used were Angelica ‘peppermint’ (top) and models own ‘Bermuda blue’ (bottom). The stamping plate was MoYou London mandala plate […]

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Glitter colour block

Having seen a lot of colour block nail designs, and realising it’s an easy way to get fun, colourful nails for summer. I’ve never attempted anything like this before so I thought it was time!. I have this glitter polish, that I’ve never known how to use it, but I think it’s gorgeous and I […]

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Jamberry nail wraps: review

I was recently sent some samples of jamberry nail wraps, and I was beyond excited. For someone who loves nail art, and beautifully designed nails, yet has no freehand skills, nail wraps has always looked like a great product for me. Jamberry is the most famous one that I’ve heard of, especially hearing that they […]

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