2021 rolling project 10 pan update 2

The end of February marks the second update for my rolling project pan for 2021. Despite February being such a short month, I managed to make quite a good amount of progress. I’m feeling really motivated with my products still, and are excited to use them everyday.

The first product is my MUA primer. After having used this for a few months now, I’m not sure I’d repurchase this specific one. I’d be interested in trying more of their priming products though as I felt like It was good quality but this banana one didn’t do enough for my skin. I actually managed to finish this primer about 2 weeks ago, and have since moved onto the Estee Lauder mattifying primer. I’m not expecting this primer to last very long as I’ve already used half of the amount I had left. Once this one is finished I’ll be moving onto my bare minerals combo control primer. I’m excited to see how much of that I can use before my next update.

Next up is my Clarins instant smooth primer. I feel like during the first month the progress was very slow, but this month this product has moved so quickly! I can’t see this lasting much more than a week or two. I still don’t find this primer does anything so wouldn’t purchase this, or any other product similar to this, but I’m glad I’ve used it and are getting it out of my collection. As I’m close to finishing this, I’ll be introducing the product that’ll be replacing this. My Aussie miracle recharge conditioning spray is something I’ve had for quite a while and only have a small amount left, but I don’t have the motivation to use it on my own. I’m hoping that incorporating it into this project will give me the motivation to finally finish it.

Next up is a product that I made a small amount of progress on early in the month, before realising that using it at this current time is more hassle than its worth. The revolution foundation drops are a bit too dark for me at the moment, so I actually swapped it out for my L’Oréal infallible foundation stick which is a better colour for me right now. I made a small amount of progress on this this month, but are hoping to get a good amount of progress made next month, and hopefully finish it in the next few months. I’d like to swap back to the revolution one closer to summer when It’s more my shade but for now I’ll be focussing on the L’Oréal.

Next up is a product that I’m slightly annoyed isn’t finished. My MUA pro base concealer. I’ve been using this consistently for months now and I know I’m really close to finishing it, but It’s taking me a bit longer than I’d hoped. I still enjoy this concealer but I just really want to get through some of my collection so they don’t go bad. Hopefully this will be done by next month, but I’m not hopeful.

Next up is a similarly annoying product, My brightening concealer by George. Again this concealer is so close to being finished, but It’s just not quite there yet. I’m still using this under my eyes, but I am finding it’s not quite as hydrating as I need at the moment, so I’m very much looking forward to being able to move this one out. I’ve started using product from around the tube which is a good sign so hopefully by next update this will be done.

Next is a product that I’ve made good progress on, but you might not be able to tell. After last months update I repressed my Clinique stay matte powder so the pan that was in the centre is no more. With that being said, you can see there is pan around the sides of the powder, as there wasn’t enough product to completely fill the bottom of the pan. There is also a small pan visible since it being repressed, so I’m manifesting that this will be the last month of use for this.

Another Clinique product is my mini sun kissed bronzer. This was barely used before entering this project, yet this month is the first one where I noticed a real dip in it. I’m hoping I’ll hit pan within march and then be done by June. I might be being optimistic with that, but In order to finish 2 bronzers this year which is my goal, I’m gonna have to hit pan soon.

Next is my BarryM highlighting stick. I’ve used this pretty consistently this month, and have thoroughly enjoyed using it. I love the wet look this gives to my skin, and enjoy using it either on its own or as a base for a powder highlight. Despite using this almost everyday this month, I’ve not noticed as much progress and I’d have thought, especially as I apply this to a sponge, and then dab it onto my cheekbones, which I’d have thought would use more product than just applying it to my skin directly. I’m expecting, at this rate, for this product to last a good part of the year.

Next is The beauty crop eyeshadow trio. For the most part I haven’t used these eyeshadows much this month, as I was focussing on two other shadow palettes to get more use from my collection. I think I can see a slightly bigger dip in the gold shade, which was the shade I was trying to focus on. I’d love to get more use of this shade next month and start making use of the other two shades as well. I’d love to get this palette finished soon but I’m not sure if I’ll finish it long before the end of the year.

The final product is my Clinique eyeshadow trio. As a whole I haven’t focussed on this palette, but I did use the champagne shade every time I did my makeup In the inner corner of my eyes. These shadows are very hard pressed so even though It’s a small pan I’m not making much progress in it. There’s definitely more of a dip than last month but I think it’ll take a few months to finish. The cream shade is going to be my focus once I finish the cream shade in my nip and fab palette. The rose gold shade isn’t something I can see me focussing on for the time being but I think In the summer months I’ll get more use from it. I’d like to think I’ll finish this whole palette this year but Its so slow moving that I’m not 100%.

That’s everything for this months update. I’m feeling so motivated to keep making progress on these products, and seeing the progress I have made is exciting.

I hope you enjoyed reading this update, until next time,

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