Empties: July/August

These last two months have been full of empties. I picked products that I was near to using up and that I knew I could happily use everyday. I’ll be going through them in the order that I used them up.

The first item I used up is part of a set of 3 items that I managed to use all of these months. The Clinique anti blemish solutions starter kit, which included a small clarifying lotion. The clarifying lotion was an easy thing to incorporate into my daily routine, as I use a toner anyway. I didn’t find this really did anything for my skin, but it also did no irritation. I have had this product for a while so it may have become ineffective. I won’t be buying this product again, due to the price, effectiveness, and also the brand not aligning with my personal values.

I also used the anti blemish solutions cleansing gel. Considering this was a small bottle it lasted me a while, only having finished it a few weeks back, and starting it mid this year. I’m pretty much sure it had gone off as it was a watery consistency, instead of the gel it should be, but it didn’t break me out. It didn’t do much but again, probably not in date anymore so that’s my fault. I won’t repurchase for the brand, but I can’t say anything about the product really. It cleaned my face fine.

The final of the 3 was the anti blemish solutions moisturiser. This was a lot thicker than I’d expected, especially considering it’s aimed at oily and blemish prone skin. I used this mostly at night when I was less worried about the feel, and my skin always felt smooth and calm in the morning. It’s interesting that this didn’t seem to have ‘gone off’ yet it was part of the same set as the cleanser, but obviously there are different ingredients. At the end of the day, a lot of people have great success with this range, and I would maybe try it again in the future if the brand became cruelty free, but for now I don’t think I need it, nor would I support the brand.

Another similar product. I finished a 200ml clarifying lotion 3 from Clinique. Similar with the sample version, I found that this didn’t do much for my skin. Again it didn’t irritate my skin, but I didn’t notice it doing anything beneficial for me. I won’t be repurchasing this in the future for the same reasons.

The derma V10 charcoal mask is something I’ve had for years, and should have used up a long time ago. I focussed on this as I do like these kinds of clay masks, and it was almost at the end. It didn’t take long to finish this once I’d focussed on it, and used it by mid July. I used this when my skin was feeling congested, and breaking out, to a help smooth the appearance of the skin, even if just for a while. I don’t use these masks very often as I know they’re drying, but sometimes I just feel like it. I wouldn’t buy this again, especially as I have other masks like this, ones that are a lot gentler on the skin.

The shiseido ultimune power infusing concentrate was something I was gifted from work, that’s way more expensive than I’d ever pay for any skincare. I’m not particularly sure what it’s supposed to do, but I didn’t notice this do anything. It did feel nice to apply, but I didn’t notice any difference on the skin. I definitely won’t be repurchasing, for these reasons and also because shiseido as a brand isn’t cruelty free.

The Elemis peptide4 plumping pillow facial is a sample I received in a previous Rocca box. A lot of people love Elemis so I was super excited to try something from them. I don’t think this is the product of theirs for me though. I personally didn’t notice this do anything other than hydrate my skin, which is obviously good, but not worth the price of Elemis products. I loved the feel of this product, a soothing gel, lightweight & cooling. I did enjoy using this but think it’s just so overpriced for what it is.

I used up my first primer of the year! Admittedly it’s a primer spray and a mini one at that, but it’s a primer so I’m counting it. The NYX primer spray is something I got in a travel set maybe last year. Because it was a mini I decided to focus on it as it would be easy to incorperate into my everyday routine. I feel like it did actually do a good job. I felt like my skin was more hydrated, but I didn’t have another layer of product on my skin. The mist on this was also really nice. I know that nyx spray bottles are really good so that was a given. I don’t think you can get this anymore but if you can I’d repurchase, this is my kind of primer.

Another mist, this time a setting spray, (for me at least) the Pixi glow mist. I was gifted this by my best friend as she knows I love to douse my face in setting spray to get a dewy look. It’s a dual phases liquid with argan oil and propolis, that easily adds glow to you skin. I really enjoyed how this made my skin look, without disturbing my makeup. The mister did get a little clunky as I used it, but not so much that it made it hard to use. I have another of these as a back up so I’ll be happily using that soon, but if you don’t like the dewy (bordering oily) look this isn’t for you. I haven’t tried this as just a face mist, but I know that it’s fine for my skin, so this might be a good idea now that it’s winter and my skin is more on the dry side. I’m still not sure I’d repurchase, as it does cost a lot for a little bottle, and there are cheaper setting sprays that I enjoy just as much.

One of the last things I used up in August was a small sample of the glam glow moisture trip moisturiser. Again, another Estée Lauder brand that sells in China, and are therefore not technically cruelty free, which is a shame because I really like this product!! This is the perfect moisturiser for my skin when it’s feeling irritated or I’m having a blemish flare up. It’s hydrating but not too heavy, and it really does help calm and soothe the skin. It’s one of the only products by this brand that isn’t fragranced as well which I really appreciate. Again, really rooting for animal testing to become banned in China as I would buy this product. For now I’ll be looking for something similar in the future. I know bare minerals has the pureness moisturiser which has similar claims but I haven’t personally tried it to testify to that.

A product that I’ve been trying to use up for months now is the YesTo tomatoes daily balancing moisturiser. I finally got through it last month, and to say I’m happy that it’s gone is quite an understatement. It’s one of those products that went on forever, and I began to resent it. It wasn’t a bad product, it was hydrating, it just didn’t do much else. It smelled oddly like cinnamon, and could sting if you were too harsh with exfoliating beforehand. This was another product that i used before bed because of how thick it was, but my skin did always feel really nice in the morning. I’m not sure what it is about it that doesn’t appeal to me anymore, but I wouldn’t repurchase this.

The ultra sun spf 50 was my spf of choice after using up the Clinique one earlier in the year, and it was quite different. I didn’t realise how much I enjoyed the tint in the Clinique one until I used this one, as it didn’t blur my skin at all. That tiny bit of tint really did do wonders for my ego. This one was mineral based though so did have a slight white cast, but that easily sank into my skin after a little tapping. This did feel a lot thinner and easier to rub into the skin too, which I appreciate in the morning. The packaging of this I loved! Having it in a snazzy pump was so easy, and clean. I wouldn’t repurchase this product but I did get good use out of it. I don’t hate it but I don’t love it.

I finished a Clinique take the day off eye makeup remover sample that I’ve had for a while. I don’t tend to use these kinds of products as I use a cleansing balm or oil that removes eye & face makeup, but recently I’ve only been wearing eye makeup to work so sometimes I’ve opted to use this then a regular cleanser if I’m feeling lazy. It works really well to remove even stubborn makeup without irritating or needing to drag the eye. I’ve given a lot of these sample sized to friends and family and they all really love how well it works. Good product, but I won’t be buying for reasons stated on other Clinique products.

The FINAL thing I used up, has been with me for years! I’ve had the Aussie 3 miracle hair oil since I lived with my parents, and I moved out over 5 years ago. At some point over those 6 or so years, the consistency changed but I don’t think it made too much difference to the product, think it just dried out a little. I really enjoyed how although this is called an oil, it wasn’t oily. It really helped keep the ends of my hair hydrated and prevented splitting. Since the beginning of the year I’ve been using this consistently after washing, and my hair has never grown out so healthy. It does really work if you use it, just maybe don’t keep it for so long. I don’t think this is available anymore (another testament to how damn long I’ve had it), but I would repurchase this. I’ve got a few hair oils to use up but I’ll look into this brand in the future for hair treatments.

That’s it for my empties through July and August. This was such a good couple of months, and really motivated me to get through some of my older products. I’m happy to see some of these products go, but some were bittersweet.

Thank you for reading this lengthy post! Hopefully the next one isn’t as long, or hopefully it is.

Until next time,

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