August Rocca box

August has come and (almost) gone for 2020 and what a weird one it’s been. August has been a bit of a write of for me, at least the last few weeks of it have. Mentally I’ve not been in the best place, but that’s nothing to do with this months box, which has actually been a little ray of sunshine in what had been a gloomy month. The theme of this months box was mermaid. It was all about sparkle, and hydration.

A lot of the boxes we’ve had this year have had a theme to do with the time of year or season, and obviously mermaids are neither of those things, but I don’t mind the random theme. The items fit so well with it which is what matters. They really know how to curate a good box!

Let’s get onto the items that were so well thought out. The first thing I saw was the Bumblezest ginger, CBD, and turmeric sparkling water. When we had a bumblezest product in a box a few months back I had a little look into his brand and was intrigued by this drink, so was really excited to try it. I love incorporating turmeric into my diet, and love ginger for its health benefits and it’s flavour. I was sure this was going to be my new favourite drink, but I actually hated it. The initial taste was like hot cross buns, but the lingering sparkling water flavour was something I just couldn’t get past. I hate sparkling water so this is a no go for me, sadly. They do this in a short form which I might look into trying. If you like the sound of this, you can get it here.

The next item brings the sparkle in the box. The Inc.redible you glow girl loose pigment in the shade have I got your attention. This pigment is incredibly (mind the pun) shimmery and reflective. It’s stunning, and so easy to use. Although it’s sparkly, it’s pinky gold tone makes it suitable for everyday use. Applying a smaller amount gives a subtle glow, whereas it can be built up for more of a dramatic effect. I’ve used this multiple times since receiving it, and will be happily using it more. I’m interested in trying more of these, and other things from this brand. If you’d like to buy this, you can get it here.

Dr botanicals is a brand I’ve tried a few times now thanks to Roccabox, and every time I do I enjoy the brand more. This month we got the seaweed bio-repair treatment mask. With Wakame seaweed and Shea butter, to hydrate, nourish, and restore the look of the skin. I don’t have many masks like this, that hydrate and repair, so this was a welcome addition to my collection. I haven’t used it much, as it’s not often my skin needs a real hydration boost like this, but the few times I have my skin hasn’t reacted negatively or been irritated. It’s been soft, hydrated and plump. I have been enjoying this to calm irritation caused by wearing face masks. It’s helped soothe redness and stop itching. I’m going to keep using this mask, and see how it benefits my skin with further use. I’ll post an updated review on my Instagram in a couple of months when I have a clearer view on it. If you’re interested in trying this yourself, you can get it here.

Sport FX is the sports direct makeup brand that was really big in the UK for a while, but I’d never tried them myself. We got the game changing mascara, with a mascara one end and a remover the other. This mascara was a bit of a surprise, as it’s very long and thin, completely different to anything I’d seen before. The mascara formula took a while for me to get used to, as it makes my lashes look a lot clumpier than My regular one. My preference is soft fluffy lashes, whereas this initially stuck my lashes together. As I’ve used the formula more it has dried a bit and now looks a lot better. Another thing is that this mascara doesn’t really dry. It does to the touch, but it doesn’t feel dry or crispy. I’m not sure how I feel about this. I imagine it’s better for the lashes, it’s just weird. This mascara is ‘waterproof’ which I’ll agree with to a certain extent, but it didn’t last against a nap or any of my (few) intense crying sessions through this month. We’re talking blubbering, eye rubbing, headache that lasts for a day. For me it’s the right amount of waterproof. Not too difficult to remove but doesn’t stream if my eyes water. I’ve enjoyed trying a new mascara but I don’t think I’d buy this. The way it makes my lashes look isn’t worth the money to me, and I’ve never used the remove side as I use a makeup removing balm so have no need to. If you’re interested, you can get this mascara here.

The monuskin soothing Hawaii facial oil is something I was very unsure about. I love facial oils, but I’ve tried monuskin products before and they haven’t been right for my skin. I was drawn towards the soothing claims of this oil as my skin is very dry and irritated at the moment due to wearing a mask for hours regularly. I’ve been looking for something I can incorporate into my skincare to replenish and calm my skin and this has been it. My skin loves this product. It smells lovely and feels nice and lightweight yet hydrating. It doesn’t break me out at all and actually really soothes. I love this! I’ve already recommended this to people because I like it so much. Find it Here.

The final thing in the box was the May beauty pore strips. I’m not someone who uses pore strips all that often, mostly because I find it’s a lot of faff and pain for not many results. I have tried these out, to compare to ones I’ve tried before, and if I’m honest I don’t like these as much. It takes about 5 times longer, to get the same minimal results. I did notice that it pulled some goo from my nose, but not much more than any other would. I did appreciate that it didn’t leave any residue on my skin after I removed it though. I got 2 strips in the pack so might try the other one on my partner as he usually gets better results than me. Either way I wouldn’t pay any more than the cheapest ones for these as they aren’t something I use. If you want to try, you can get these here.

That’s everything for this months box. What did you think of these items? I’ve included links for you to buy them, or browse the ranges. These are just links to make things easier for you, I don’t get anything if you click them or shop on them.

I’ve cancelled my Roccabox subscription, so I can make further progress with my current collection of beauty products. also, as it’s been a whole year, I’ll be doing a Rocca box review. After the new year I may return to doing subscription box reviews, so if there is a box you recommend please let me know! For now, keep and eye out on my year of Roccabox review and I’ll tell you what my favourite products have been.

That’s all for this post, I hope you enjoyed reading! Please leave me a like and a comment and I’ll return the favour.

Until next time,

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