July Rocca box

So for Julys Rocca box, we had the summer edit, designed to have you ready for the sun. It has a mix of skincare, makeup, and body care products which I love!

I didn’t rush this blog post as the box sold out pretty quickly, so my review couldn’t encourage you to buy it even if you wanted too. That and I’m also very tired all the time at the moment.

After seeing some of the hints on Instagram, I was excited to get this box. The first hint was the pericone MD instant blur, so starting with a big brand that I’d never tried. Exciting. I wasn’t sure how this would work for me. I don’t have high hopes for blurring or mattifying products on my skin as they often do nothing, but add unnecessary product to my skin. Sad to say this was another of those products for me. I didn’t see any blurring. It may have been a good primer for my foundation that helped it apply smoother, but I didn’t notice a difference in skin texture. It also comes with a sponge that did nothing but stick dust to the product. I don’t know why I even tried to use it. I’ll stick with using fingers I think. This hasn’t put me off the brand, because I never have high hopes for this type of product. I will still use this, but are yet to find a primer that I actually like. Sorry Peri.

A brand that we had 2 products from was Mine Tan. We had a coffee scrub and a gradual tan. Now I’m a big gradual tan fan, and coffee scrub is one of my favourite body care products. I started to get more into tanning in the last year or so, and semi regularly tan myself. This gradual tan was a weird one for me, because it was a clear liquid, that foams up. Most gradual tans come in moisturiser form, as far as I’m aware, so this one being more like a regular tan threw me. I tried it still, and it was a lot easier to apply than I thought. I thought that because it was clear I wouldn’t be able to see where I put it and would therefor be patchy as heck. That wasn’t the case, Probably due to it being less noticeable than a regular tan. I like that the undertone is violet. You don’t look quite so orange or yellow. For me it mixed with my natural skin colour so I was still on the warmer side, just a bit darker. As much as I liked the results, it was a pain in the bottom having to apply it like a tan, multiple days in a row, to get the same results as a regular tan. I will use it up, but would be more interested if it was either a moisturiser gradual tan or a straight up tan tan. The coffee scrub on the other hand I loved. It wasn’t wet or gooey in the packet. It was more of a dry formula so you got a nice scrub, without feeling the need to rub excessively and then over exfoliating. You get a lot in the packet as well. I was worried it wouldn’t last long but I still have some as I don’t exfoliate every time I shower. I’ll definitely look into this brand for their scrubs and see what else they have in the way of tanning products, though I’ve got plenty for now.

The skimono hand sheet mask isn’t something I’ve seen before, though hand masks aren’t unheard of in general. I’ve never tried one. But have gifted them many times as they seem like a nice way to ‘treat yourself’. I was excited to finally try one and see if they actually make a difference. I enjoyed having to just sit, and relax, and not be doing anything whilst using this. It gave me an excuse to not doing any chores for about 10 minutes. My hands did look more hydrated and smooth afterwards, and my crusty cuticles looked a little more ‘cute’. I would say that during this current climate they may be a godsend, but also a waste of money, because we’re washing our hands so much that it renders them almost useless. This is what I found during my experience. My hands looked great until I had to clean something, then they just looked tired and beaten again. Maybe something to use before a holiday or hand modelling photo shoot, but for the daily life of a worker it’s not that important.

The next product, is one I was most excited about. The mud masky leave-me-on summer mask with spf 15. I’ve been doing a lot of research on different spf’s lately so was excited to try one by a brand that is new to me. Although spf 15 isn’t high, I thought it would be fine for under makeup when I’m at work and out of the sun or when I’m at home. First problem I noticed was this doesn’t sit well under makeup at all. I could apply it, wait for half an hour or an hour, and when it comes to applying my foundation this still balls up and runs away. I now only wear this on days off when I have no plans to leave the house. For that it does a great job and leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated, without being oily. Another point is that I’m pretty sure this is a chemical sunscreen, although I haven’t looked into ingredients. It doesn’t apply like a physical sunscreen, which is what I tend to go for with spf. There’s this whole argument on whether one is better for you and the environment than the other. There aren’t definitive answers, but I tend to steer towards physical and mineral sunscreens purely because I assume they are better. When & if we get proof otherwise then I’ll switch.

The final thing was the banana republic perfume in peony and peppercorn scent. I always like getting perfumes in the boxes as it’s not something I tend to spend money on myself, but I do like to smell nice. I personally prefer perfume samples with a sprayer, but I also acknowledge that probably costs more to make and takes longer, so I don’t hold that against them. The fragrance itself is really nice. It’s gentle and fresh, with a little kick to it. I like fragrances with a bit of character like this, so I’d look into purchasing this. It was difficult to find online, and prices ranged from £25+ so not too bad.

That’s everything from Juky’s box. I hope you enjoyed this review! I’m trying to be less put together and a little more myself with how I write these. Let me know how I’m doing!

Thank you for reading, until next time,

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