Empties: May/June

This empties signifies 6 months since I started focussing on using my products up, and not purchasing any new ones. With this in mind, these two months have been the slowest in terms of using products up, though a lot of these products I’ve been working on for a while.

Let’s start with one of the products I was most thankful for finishing. The Clinique turnaround night cream is something I was desperate to finish, but it’s one of those products that just keeps on going. I was especially excited to finish this as it meant I’d be able to start my bare minerals one. Anyway, let’s get in to the review. This was a decent night cream. It hydrated and made my skin feel smooth and plump. It was a light cream, and didn’t clog my pores which Is always good. This cream is supposedly good at helping with skin cell turnover and brightening, but I didn’t notice much of this. Obviously Clinique is not a cruelty free brand so I wouldn’t purchase this, but I also don’t think it’s worth the money.

The next product is another Clinique one. The city block spf 25 really made me dislike applying sunscreen every morning. It was thick and heavy, and oily feeling. The only nice part was that it was slightly tinted, so brightened my skin tone a little, though this being said it wouldn’t work for most skin tones. It worked nice as a primer also. Wouldn’t buy again. Sorry Clinique.

I bought the Vaseline aloe Vera spray moisturiser last year sometime, though I’ve just recently started making an effort to properly moisturise my body. This is a really nice lightweight moisturiser that sinks in quickly and really hydrated. I always loved how my skin felt after applying this, especially after shaving my legs. It helped to soothe the skin whilst plumping. I’ve got a million moisturisers to use & I’d like to recommend this to anyone looking for something light, but again Vaseline is not cruelty free.

I’ve been using the Dr botanicals pomegranate sleep mask roughly 3 times a week since I received it in my December Rocca box. Despite the bottle being small, you get a lot in there, and only need a small amount for your whole face. The texture of this product is a little weird. It doesn’t feel like a gel or a cream, but was quite thick and almost dry feeling. I didn’t mind it particularly, but I didn’t always feel like my skin would get the moisture it needed, and it also doesn’t play well with oils so that wasn’t an option on top. I did find that any redness or irritation was gone by the morning though, so it was great when my skin was playing up. Luckily my skin is feeling happy at the moment so it isn’t missing this. I do have another of these but I think I’ll leave it for a while before opening it. I’ve tried a few products from this brand and are interested in trying more in the future.

The first of 2 mini products that I used these months is the sanctuary spa wet skin moisture miracle body lotion. This was only a small bottle, but I managed to get a few weeks worth of use out of it. I really enjoyed the formula of this body lotion. It was very wet and slippery, which meant you didn’t need much, and it wasn’t sticky on the skin. It helped my skin stay hydrated and soothed, but didn’t have that ‘rich’ feeling that is one of the reasons I’ve avoided moisturising my body for so long. Sticky legs isn’t my thing. Sanctuary spa is a cruelty free brand so I’d definitely look at buying this again in the future.

The final product from this empties is the mini Murad retinol youth renewal serum. Now this truly was a mini product, but I got so much use from it. It lasted me over a month, of almost daily use which really impressed me! I loved how this felt on my skin, and I didn’t experience any irritation which I’ve heard could happen with retinols. I didn’t notice much difference in my skin, but I’d purchase the full size as a way of incorporating retinol into my routine, as a preventative.

This wasn’t the biggest empties this month, but a few of the products I’d been working on and were thankful to be finished.

I’m expecting the next empties to be a lot bigger.

Thank you for reading this weeks post. Sorry it’s been a while, I started back at work on the 1st and although only for 3 days a week, it’s taken a while to get back into a routine.

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