June Rocca box

Rocca box knows that we’re all stuck inside still and that some of us (me) need help with our selfie game at the moment. They created June’s selfie ready box with a bunch of products designed to do just that.

This months box came with 6 goodies, ranging from makeup to hair care, to make sure we we’re looking our best.

We’ll start with my favourite, though this is technically 2 products that go together. The Charles worthington diamond shine shampoo and conditioner. If you know me you’ll know that my hair isn’t something I normally take interest in, but is something I’ve been trying to look after more recently. My hair is pretty healthy, but my scalp can get dry and flaky if I’m not careful. I’ve had good experiences with Charles worthington hair care in the past so I had high hopes. Now this pair doesn’t claim to help with scalp problems, so I wasn’t expecting it to. It does however, claim to enhance your hairs shine, which it did do. My hair always looks so healthy and shiny after using this. It feels thicker and stronger, without feeling heavy as well. I’m not sure about their claims for this but I can say it worked. I really enjoy using these products, but I do have to admit that after every few washes with them I have to use my trusty head and shoulders as my scalp can get a bit uncomfortable. If you don’t have scalp problems then you wouldn’t have to do this, I’m just struggling with that at the moment. I’m really interested in investing in some Charles worthington after trying so many of their products out in these boxes.

The next product was a close second. The eyeko eyeliner is probably my favourite liner that I’ve used. Since being in lockdown, practicing my liquid liner hasn’t been at the top of my list of things to do, so I was a bit nervous about trying this out. One wrong move and you’ve got liner as big as a house. This liner has little bristles instead of a felt tip nib, which I always prefer. It’s easy to hold, use, and doesn’t dry out. I’ve never had so many compliments on my liner. Honestly after using this I felt like a boss. My confidence was sky high. I’ve used it multiple times and it hasn’t let me down yet. I’m excited to see how long it lasts.

The next is something I’d been looking for before this box arrived. I’m not a huge lipstick person, but I felt like I was missing a certain shade. A natural, dusty burnt red. A shade that’s lip colour, but adds something. I can’t describe it, other than the exact shade of the mayy lipstick in this box. This is a nicely pigmented lipstick, more of a matte finish. It isn’t uncomfortable, and feels just moisturising enough. This is quite a small brand and I’ll continue following them, but no matter how much I like this lipstick, I’m not enough of a lipstick fan to spend £25 on one. If you are, I’d head to their website.

The Avant hyaluronic and vitamin C moisturiser is something I really thought I’d reach for more, but it took me a while to actually start using this. When I did however, I liked it. It’s a nice lightweight texture, and doesn’t make my skin feel greasy. It keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day. I’m not sure I notice much brightening or anything, other than hydration. I’ve browsed the website and their products are, well, expensive. I’m not sure I could ever like a product enough to spend £90ish on it.

The final product was the beauty pro eye therapy under eye masks. I love a good under eye mask, and was excited for these because they’re gel ones. I always prefer gel masks, I find them a little more sturdy. This made it easy for them to stay put under my eye, nothing worse than you eye masks slipping down your face. If anything, the thin backing they had on made them a little too sturdy, and I found they were a little uncomfortable. They kept rising up as I talked or moved my face, and irritated my puffy undereye. I would try them again, but maybe I’d have to lie down and not try to be productive at the same time!

I really enjoyed a lot of products in this months box. I’ve found some favourites, and some brands I really want to explore more. With that being said though, I am excited for next months box.

Thank you for reading today’s post, I hope you enjoyed it.

Until next time,

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