Florrie & Jean reusable make up pads

Since being in lockdown, I’ve had a lot of time to think about how much money I’ve wasted on products that come from larger corporations, and how I could have a huge impact on smaller brands if I put my money towards them instead.

After my no buy, I am going to be focussing my purchases on smaller brands.

Florrie and Jean is a brand that is stocked in a little shop near my parents house, Little button jar. My mum picked up these reusable make up pads for me ages ago, and sent them to me last week. Since then I’ve absolutely fallen for them, as much as you can a reusable cotton pad. I’ve been using reusable makeup pads since the beginning of the year anyway, but it’s great to be able to support a small brand whilst helping the environment.

For £5 you get 7 pads. One side is a soft towel-like materiel. The other side has the cutest patterns on.

My initial excitement towards these was so I’d have something to remove face masks with, but since trying them out, they’re also great for makeup removal and toning.

I used a damp pad to remove a face mask. They rinse out easily and still look clean after use. They dry soft after use, so they can be used repeatedly before needing to be cleaned.

The material on these is so soft that I can literally scrub my face (not that I recommend it) without it getting sore or irritated. It makes light work of makeup removal, so the need to scrub isn’t there.

These are easy to clean, just chuck them in the wash with your other face pads or with a load of washing. I’d recommend putting them in a mesh bag, or even a clean sock or something just to keep them together. I wash mine either when they’re dirty or every other week if I clean them at the sink.

Compared to the other reusable cotton pads I have, these are not only a lot more versatile, they also don’t absorb as much product, and they can also be used more. I find I can get a couple of days use from each one if I’m toning, using a clean area each time.

You can tell in this video that the pads don’t irritate my skin at all. There’s no redness, even after me applying a little more pressure than I usually would. It removes my makeup so easily and I don’t have to reapply the product or get a clean pad. I did cleanse properly after this.

I’ve already asked my mum to pick me up a few packs for me and my friends next time she goes in. Thinking of keeping back a pack for whenever I eventually do a giveaway (post corona).

The link to buy these is below. This brand also makes cute scrunchies for this shop that I’m hoping to grab. Check out the other bits this store sells too!

Florrie & Jean reusable pads

Disclaimer: Neither companies mentioned know that I’m writing this post, so it is in no way sponsored. My mum bought these for me, and I genuinely love them, so wanted to spread the love and give back to them. No bias here.

I hope you enjoyed this mini review. I’m hoping to shout out some more indie brands in the future. Please take a lot at the website and help a smaller company out.

Until next time,

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