May Rocca box

Another month comes around, and I’m still stuck in my home. May’s Rocca box was the staycation edition, making the most of being stuck at home. We had 6 items in this months box, 1 full size.

The first product I tried was the Jurlique rose water balancing mist. I absolutely adore the packaging of this. The little glass bottle is adorable, sturdy, and the pink is so cute. The product itself felt lovely on the skin, and smelled like roses, but in a slightly artificial way, though this wasn’t bad. I have enjoyed using this product, though I found the sample size wasn’t that big. It also didn’t convince me that I needed to buy this product. It might be that this product is amazing, and I didn’t get to try it enough, or that it just isn’t worth its large price. I’ve tried much cheaper rose water mists that work just as well.

The next thing I was very excited for was the st tropez express bronzing gel. I’m not a big fake tanner, mainly because I’m cautious about it looking patchy and fading badly. I do like to be tanned though. I don’t tan all that easily naturally so I tend to use gradual tanners when I want a bit of a golden glow. The slight tint to this gel made it easy to see where it was applied. I did find that I needed to use quite a few pumps, but I’m not sure if that’s normal or not. I left it for 2.5 hours to see how much difference it made. By the next day I had turned a considerably darker colour, but not fake looking. This tan lasted at least a week I’d say, though it faded so gradually and naturally that it’s difficult to pin point exactly when it started to fade. I really enjoyed using this tan and would definitely purchase it full price.

The st tropez mitt that came with the box is also really nice quality. It applied the tan smoothly and effortlessly. I’m not sure if there’s really a difference in mitts, but I like that this one is double sided.

The Charles worthington hair healer leave in conditioner was really good for my hair. Although my hair is pretty healthy, it always gets more damaged and dry as it gets longer. Having a leave in conditioner is something that really helps keep my hair looking and feeling healthy. The fact that this one is in a squeezy bottle is amazing as the other one I have is in a tub. It smells really nice, without being overbearing, and keeps my hair soft and smooth without feeling heavy. Once I’ve used my current leave in treatments I’d purchase this one. It ticks all the boxes for me.

The Elemis peptide plumping pillow facial was something that I was SO excited to try but was sadly disappointing to me. It was a lovely gel texture that worked really well for my skin. It hydrated my skin over night, but that’s really all I can say. I don’t know if I’m expecting too much from it, but it just seemed like a nice night gel to me, and it just isn’t worth the money to me. I have night creams that are far cheaper and do a lot more, so I’ll be sticking to them I think.

The nail HQ nail hardener is a really nice treatment for the nails. It’s nice to apply when I don’t have polish on to strengthen my nails. My nails haven’t broken since wearing it. I don’t usually go for nail hardeners as I find they can cause more breakages, but this has been good for my nails. It’s not the best product as a base coat, but it isn’t really what it’s designed for so I can’t be angry about that. I probably wouldn’t purchase this product as it’s just not one I use but I’ll happily finish this one.

The final item in this box was a bag of pact coffee. These were ground coffee beans designed to be used with a cafetière, dripper, or AeroPress. I used a cafetière cause I’m simple. I’m not a huge coffee bean drinker as it’s usually quite strong how my partner has it, so I mostly stick to instant. This coffee was really smooth and easy to drink. Probably due to the amount of grounds and the size of my cafetière, this wasn’t too strong for me either. I really enjoyed this, and felt kind of bad for not letting my partner try some. I’ve already looked into buying some of this coffee, but I’m unsure of the flavour that I had. I think I’ll have a browse and see what stands out, but I definitely want to try more of their products.

That’s it for this months box review. Have you tried any of these products? Do any of them interest you?

Thank you for reading. Until next time,

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