My night skincare routine

Disclaimer. Some of the products mentioned have been gifted, or I have some association with the brand. I work for bare minerals so mention a few of their products. I am not obligated to do so, I just enjoy them.

For me, my skin is constantly changing, so the way I care for it has to change too. My main focus for my skin has changed a lot over the last few years. The products I use, although a lot still share the same purpose, are targeting different concerns.

In the evening is when I really treat my skin to some more hard hitting products that are going to address these concerns on my skin. The skin has a lot of time to heal itself overnight, so I like to give it a push in the right direction.

The first part of my evening routine is a double cleanse. Most days (though not so much at the moment) I’m wearing a full face of makeup so I need a good cleanse to get rid of that. At the moment I’m using the REN Rosa centifolia No.1 purity cleansing balm, and the bare minerals clay chameleon cleanser. The REN balm smells and feels lovely on the skin, though I have to say I’ve got this in my eyes multiple times and it stings like nothing I’ve felt before. I’m feeling like this shouldn’t be used on the eye area, but I need to get my eye makeup off and the simplest way is to use this. I find that if I just keep my eyes shut for the whole cleansing it’s usually fine. The bare minerals cleanser is one of my favourites. I love how it feels on the skin, though you need to use quite a bit of water to prevent it from drying on the skin. It’s really good at getting any remaining dirt or makeup off the skin, and leaves it smooth, clear, and hydrated.

After cleansing I always use a toner. I know that a toner is not necessary, especially as the cleanser balances the pH of my skin anyway, but I find that I lean towards ones with blemish fighting or hydrating ingredients. At the moment I’m using the Revolution caffeine toner. If I’m being honest I don’t know if I see much difference using this, but it has witch hazel which might be helping my skin a little. I’m trying to use it up more than anything. If my skin is feeling sore I’ll pat a more hydrating toner over the skin, like the aloe one I have.

After toner is when I assess my skin and see which, if any, treatment I’m going to use that night. There are many things that I do throughout the week to keep my skin looking and feeling it’s best, though I only apply a treatment 2-3 a week. Let’s start by talking about masks. I tend to lean more towards clay or brightening masks. If my skin’s breaking out I might use a clay mask to clear them, or if I’m feeling blemish free I tend to go for a brightening or exfoliating mask to help with my hyperpigmentation. I also have some soothing and hydrating masks that I use if my skins feeling sensitive but I don’t use them as much.

Once a week, if my skin is behaving, I use the derma roller gently. I’ve heard amazing things about how derma rolling is great for the skin in terms of texture and appearance. Once a week I try to derma roll to help with the pigmentation on my face. Because my skin is blemish prone, I only do this when my skin is clear to prevent spreading bacteria. It’s important to note that derma rolling is damaging the skin to encourage the skin to heal itself. You shouldn’t do this along with any other form of treatment, and you should wait at least 48 hours before applying makeup. You need to be very careful with your skin after this. It needs to be kept clean to prevent blemishes and infections. You need to use a lot of spf to prevent sun damage, and you need to use soothing products to help with irritation. After this I go in with a tap of soothing toner, and a soothing or hydrating serum.

After these treatments I apply my serum. This changes throughout the week depending on my skin or what other treatments I’ve used. If I haven’t used any treatments, I stick with a niacinimide serum to help with blemishes and smooth the skin. If I’ve used any other treatments I tend to go for a hyaluronic acid serum to hydrate and soothe the skin. Sometimes my serum is my treatment and I’ll go for an acid to help exfoliate and clear the skin or something to brighten. This all depends on how my skin is at the time.

After my serum has been applied I use eye cream. People fight over whether eye cream is necessary. I personally choose to and really enjoy using eye creams. I find that if you’re in doubt at all about whether your moisturiser is suitable for the eye area, just get a separate eye cream. My eye area is also very dark so I try to get eye creams that help to brighten that area.

Another treatment I have that doesn’t fit into the other categories is my Vitamin C powder. I typically use this once a week. This is a product that I can use no matter how my skin is (unless I’m very sensitive). This is so good at brightening and smoothing the look of my skin. It also helps with the appearance of blemishes. I mix a small spoon of this with my moisturiser and apply as I usually would.

Speaking of moisturiser, that’s often the final step in my nighttime routine. I have a few night creams that o rotate through depending on how I feel that day. If I’ve used a treatment I lean more towards a hydrating or soothing night cream like the Dr botanicals pomegranate superfood sleeping mask or the Elemis peptide plumping pillow facial. For other nights I use my Clinique turnaround which is revitalising.

Some nights I will go in with another step, skin dependant once more. If I’m breaking out I’ll use my tea tree and witch hazel night treatment gel or Revolution overnight targeted blemish lotion on Individual blemishes, and if I’m feeling a bit lacklustre or dry, I’ll use my Mondays child skin perfecting oil.

That’s everything for this post. I hope you can understand how I structure my routine. I’m planning on posting my nighttime routines on my Instagram stories through the weeks so if you’re unsure follow me there and keep an eye out!

Does your night routine look different to mine?

Thank you for reading this post. Until next time,

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