Empties: March/April

Another 2 months have gone buy, and I’ve been almost completely successful in my no buy. I did purchase a face oil as a little birthday treat, but I’m back to my strict rules now.

In terms of products used over the last 2 months, I’ve managed to get through quite a few that I’d been working on. I’ve still got some that I’m certain will be used up within the next week or so, and some that I think I’ll be lucky to get through before my next empties.

Let’s start with a product that I’d been using almost everyday. The benefit browvo conditioning primer. I received a sample of this at an event at my work and put it in my routine as I’d heard good things about it growing brow hairs. Now my brows are bushy for the most part, but the front of one of my brows has always been a little thinner so I was hoping this would help it out. I use this mostly before bed or on makeup free days, rarely as a brow primer. I really like the applicator on this and it’s ease of use. I do think it helped fill out my brows a bit which is Impressive, my only problem is that benefit is not a cruelty free brand, and because of that I won’t be purchasing this product (plus I have a bottle of castor oil the size of my foot that needs using).

One of my more recent empties, is one that hurts my heart. The bare minerals blemish remedy cleanser. I bought this when I first started with the brand back in June of last year and I’ve used it pretty regularly since then. This is the first and only cleanser that I’ve tried that has managed to control my stress induced blemishes. Whenever I travel for work I get really itchy blemishes, but this managed to control them on my training with the company in London. I’ve been in love with it ever since. It’s a gel texture that foams up when mixed with water. I would 100% repurchase this if I could, but it’s been discontinued since the beginning of the year and it’s impossible to find now. I’ve replaced this with the bare minerals clay chameleon cleanser which isn’t quite the same, but I still love it. This has been discontinued too but I’ve stocked up so should be good for a while.

Another cleanser that I used up, is also a bare minerals one. The oil obsessed oil cleanser has been a life saver in terms of makeup removal. Before this I only used balms and was perfectly happy with them. I didn’t feel the need to change but was GIFTED as part of my work. I tried it out and became obsessed. It’s so easy to use with its pump, I don’t have to wait for the balm to melt into my skin, it doesn’t irritate my eyes, and it breaks down even the most stubborn makeup. This also smells like heaven, a little spa treatment at home. I’m back to using balms to use up my supply but I will be back to oil cleanser as soon as possible. I do want to try some different brands to see which my favourite it.

The Revolution skincare 10% niacinimide and 1% zinc serum is something that I’ve used almost daily since I bought it last year. I’d heard amazing things about niacinimide for the skin, and the zinc was an added bonus. I didn’t realise until recently that some people can get reaction from the niacinimide that causes redness and slight sensitivity. Luckily for me this never happened, but that could be because I don’t use it every single day. I really liked how smoothing this was on the skin, how lightweight it was and how easily it sunk into the skin. It was a great serum that lasted ages and I do think it helped my skin. My skins been a lot happier since I started using it, even if I do still get blemishes (I think a lot of that’s to do with stress and hormones though so what can you really do). I do have another bottle of this that I’ll be moving onto, and I would repurchase but I have a different serum that has niacinimide in it that I love too so I’ll move onto that after.

I received the b.tan gradual tan in one of my Rocca boxes and the first thing I noticed was that it was the best smelling tan that I’d tried. It smells like fruit salad sweets. I can’t get enough of that! It’s also a lot thinner consistency that most gradual tans that I’ve tried. They can be quite thick and heavy, whereas this felt like a light everyday moisturiser. This gives a soft golden glow to the skin, without making too drastic a change in colour. If you like to have a bit of a golden tint to the skin I think you’ll love this! I really enjoyed it for when my skin was a little more tanned naturally as it just added a little something to my skin. For when I’m more pale I tend to lean toward something a little stronger in colour. I don’t apply everyday because I’m lazy so something that can pack more of a punch with fewer applications is what I tend to go for. This product is a good price, though I did find I finished the bottle quicker than expected. Tan is something that I’m not that experienced in so I’ll probably do some research before I buy another to see my best option, but I wouldn’t rule out buying this again.

For the longest time the L’Oréal hydra genius aloe water (normal/combo) was my go to moisturiser. It was lightweight and smoothing but game my skin the hydration it needed. I love the bottle too. It was sleek, tall, and blue, with a great pump. Not clunky or stiff, and didn’t clog. I used this on its own during the warmer months and over winter I layered a slightly thicker moisturiser on top. This bottle lasted me so long as well. You don’t need a lot, a little goes a long way. It’s a really lovely moisturiser. Again the only downside is that L’Oréal are not a cruelty free brand. It’s a shame.

A mini that I finished recently was the sanctuary spa supercharged hyaluronic face and neck crème. This is quite a thick moisturiser, so I tend to wear it at night when my skin needs a little hydration boost. It didn’t break me out and wasn’t too heavy for my skin, but left it feeling soft, smooth, and plump. I enjoyed using this product but probably won’t repurchase.

The Philip Kingsley body building shampoo is something I received in a Rocca box a couple of months ago, and if I’m being honest I wasn’t that excited about it. As much as I’m trying to care more for my hair, it didn’t seem like this product was for me. It’s designed for to give fine hair more body, and my hair is pretty thick. There’s nothing wrong with using body building products if you have thicker hair, I just felt like this wasn’t big enough for me to notice any real difference from it. It did clean my hair, and smelled lovely, but I wouldn’t pay extra for this personally.

If you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know that the boots test tree and witch hazel cleansing and toning lotion is one of my holy grail products. I finished one of these in March which is probably the 5th one I’ve got through. I still love how this helps my skin fight blemishes without stinging or drying my skin out. I do feel like my blemishes are controlled better when I’m using this. I’ve got a back up of this but I’ve been using a different product recently as my skin is behaving and I don’t want to run out during lockdown.

The nyx matte setting spray has been my favourite for a while, and I’ve repurchased multiple times. I love how it sets my makeup and makes it last longer and settles my makeup into my skin. Although this is called matte, I find that it doesn’t mystifying the skin, more it controls my oils. My skin still looks healthy and glowy, but my oils stay away for longer. This is a great setting spray for the price, though I might try their other slightly bigger one next time. I have tried all of their setting sprays and I recommend any of them.

The final product I finished was the body shop tea tree daily anti imperfection solution. I got this in a set after Christmas a few years ago so it’s probably past it’s best by now, but I love this for when my skins really not liking me. This whole range is amazing for my angry blemish prone skin. I like to gently apply this to the skin when I’ve got a bunch of blemishes. If I’ve only got the odd one I usually don’t bother (hence why it’s lasted so long) but when my skins really angry I put this on followed by a soothing moisturiser and it always feels a lot better afterwards. The body shop obviously is very pro cruelty free, and I really enjoy this product, so I’ll definitely have to repurchase this at some point.

I used quite a few products over the last few months and I’m really pleased with my progress. I’m yet to finish any makeup products, though I did recently hit pan in one of my setting powders.How many products have you finished this year?

Thank you for reading. Until next time,

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