April Rocca box

April is always a good month for me. So many people I know have birthdays this month, myself included, so it’s always full of good vibes and usually a lot of cake. Obviously this month there’s been less cake and less partying, but we’re trying to keep the good vibes as much as possible.

Being at home, this month has felt like it’s gone on forever. Like, I don’t think I’ve felt a longer month. It’s mostly due to the fact that it’s very difficult to keep your mind occupied day after day, but also because my birthdays the 29th so I have to wait the whole month. Problems huh.

When I got my Rocca box this month it was a little ray of sunshine at an otherwise gloomy time. I was even more excited to hear that this month they were going vegan. All products in this month are cruelty free and vegan, which is amazing. It shows you can make great products without hurting animals in the process. This month came with 5 products and a bonus gift.

The first product I tried was the Code beautiful lip intense plumper. This is designed to be hydrating, defining, & plumping without irritating the lips. I use this morning and evening after brushing my teeth. Despite what it says, it does tingle. I don’t mind this personally. It doesn’t seem to irritate the lips during this though, which is good. I’m not sure if my lips look plumper after using it, though I do feel like the lines in my lips are smoother, though this may just be that my lips are more hydrated. I like the slight pink tint to this product as well. It helps add to the illusion of plumpness. I’ll definitely continue to use this and finish it off, and I’ve been looking into this brand and their other products. They only have 5 products so far from what I can see, and although they are not drugstore prices, they aren’t expensive. I may repurchase this in the future once I’ve used up my other glosses and plumping products.

The next product that peaked my interest was the dr botanicals lemon superfood all-in-one rescue butter. This is a bit of a do-it-all product that can be used on dry skin, lips, as a body butter, a makeup remover, whatever you want. I’ve been using it on areas of dry skin, and as a rich cuticle butter. I’d had my eye on this product before it came in this box, after trying a different dr botanicals product in a previous box. I had my eye on this mainly due to the word lemon. I love the smell of lemon so that’s always something that stands out to me. This product is packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, so you know it’s going to be good for the skin. I’m delighted that I got to try this, and that it’s part of my collection now.

Something that I was excited for, more for my partners sake than my own, was the feather & down pillow spray. Although I’m a light sleeper, I can usually drift off to sleep fairly easily, whereas my partner can really suffer when it comes to falling asleep. Usually when he’s gone, he’s gone for the night, but sometimes getting to that point can be a tricky task. He’s a night owl, so he finds it very easy to just stay awake. As he’s been at work during this pandemic, he’s got a lot going on and his brain is constantly working. He finds it hard to switch of so I hoped this would help relax his mind. The smell of this is lovely. It’s not overwhelming or lavendery, which I appreciate. We’ve used it a few times and I can definitely say it’s helped me, and he seems to have had an easier time sleeping when it’s been used. We don’t use it a lot so hopefully the bottle will last us a while.

The beauty crop lighting crew is a liquid highlighter, in a blinding icy pink shade. It’s very flattering to my skin tone, and I think it could be quite widely used, though very light and dark tones would need different shades. This has green tea, and vitamin C in it, both of which are great for the skin. This is advertised as being perfect for use under, and on top of makeup, mixed with moisturiser, and used on the body. I’ve tried both techniques for makeup, and although it looks lovely applied on top of makeup, I couldn’t get it to work under makeup without balling up or moving around. I haven’t tried it mixed with a moisturiser yet, but I’m tempted to try this when the sun comes back.

The last beauty product was the nip and fab vitamin c sheet mask. This one I put off using for a while, as I’d had a terrible experience with the vitamin C concentrate from this range. When I did get round to using it, I didn’t notice any negative side effects like I did with the serum which I was thankful for. My main concern was that it would break me out. obviously the serum on the mask is different to the one in the bottles. I noticed a slight glow and brightness to my skin after use. The sheet mask itself was unlike any I’d tried before. It was more of a gel than tissue, but wasn’t a hydrogel materiel either. Very unique. I really enjoyed using this mask, it was very comfortable.

The final thing in the box was another sample pack of off blak tea. There were 3 sachets, different from last time though. There were forest fruits and ginger, cranberry and cinnamon, and mint and chocolate. The forest fruits and ginger was really lovely. I had it whilst exercising one morning and it was perfect to give me a morning boost. The cranberry and cinnamon I didn’t enjoy quite as much. It might be because I’ve programmed myself to only like cinnamon around Christmas. As of yet I haven’t tried the chocolate and mint, mostly because I’m a little intimidated by it. I will try it eventually, fingers crossed I like it. Generally I really like these teas. They’re stronger than regular fruit teas which I enjoy. You can actually taste the flavour and not just warm water. I’d like to look through their range and buy some when I’ve made my way through my collection of tea.

I hope you enjoyed reading today’s post. I’m excited to try next months box!

Until next time,

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