My typical day in lockdown

So, by now we’ve all been in lockdown for a good few weeks, and it’s not looking like it’s going to stop any time soon. We’re probably all a bit fed up of it now, and although I’m loving having some time off to just be me, I miss my friends and family.

Early on into the lockdown I realised that if I wanted to stay as healthy, mentally and physically, as possible, and still be productive, I had to get some sort of routine. By the fourth week I feel like I’m doing a pretty good job of it. Im keeping busy and healthy, and happy for the most part. I know some people are really struggling, so maybe by incorporating a few things into your routine, or trying to create a routine, it can help make this situation that little bit easier.

Me and my best friend Georgia a couple of months ago buying things for her new house (I miss her 😓)

My first part of the day, is usually when I can tell what sort of day it’s gonna be, it’s heavily weather related. I try to wake up around 8-9 everyday, but it depends on when my partner gets up. I do my morning routine, brush my teeth, was my face (or move straight onto skincare). I always make sure to put an SPF on. I do this every day anyway, but it’s especially important at the moment as I’m spending more time outside and it’s very sunny. Around this time I get dressed, either before or after I do my skincare, it varies day to day.

Some of my favourite cleansers.

Once dressed, I head downstairs to say a big good morning to my handsome boy Bradley and open the Back door for him. I then spend about 5-10 minutes tidying the kitchen from the night before. I make myself a drink of some sort then head out into my decking for my morning exercise. I’ve been doing daily exercise challenges, to give me something to do daily, that’s easy to remember and do, not too time consuming, and I don’t dread it because it isn’t going to take all my effort and all morning. I’ve been doing separate arm, ab, and leg challenges every morning. It gets more challenging each day, but it progresses slow enough for it to still be do able. After exercise, which takes about 20 minutes, I do 10 minutes of yoga to stretch my muscles out. I also take this time to enjoy a bit of sun shine.

At this point, I sometimes shower. If I’m planning on doing some heavy, sweaty house or garden work, I’ll move straight into that. If it’s going to be a more relaxed day, I’ll have a shower now. I use the morning to get any work done.

From my walk with Bradley last week.

I write a to-do list the night before so I know what I want to achieve the next day. I have my whole day planned out for me. I tend to keep myself busy until 12:30-1:30 when I stop for lunch. I’ve been trying to make lunches that aren’t just noodles or a sandwich, keep myself busy and be a little creative with it.

One of my lunches. I do intermittent fasting so this is usually my first meal of the day.

The afternoon is usually a lot more chill than the morning. I’ve had my lunch, I’m usually a little tired, and hopefully all the house work is done for the day. I try to spend the time between lunch and Ryan coming home from work doing my own thing. This could be working on my blog or instagram, playing with makeup, playing animal crossing, going for a walk, going to pick up essentials from the shop, or playing with Bradley (though he’s taken to just sleeping wherever I am). I have been trying to keep somewhat active in the afternoon, so a few times a week I’ll spend an hour or so literally just dancing around the house. It’s a great mood booster, kills some time, and is a great way to get your heart rate up.

A light make up look.

I have my evening meals planned on my fridge so I know what to make everyday, and I know that I have everything I need. 4pm onwards I start thinking about dinner and what I need to get started. I always try to have dinner ready for just after 6 which is when Ryan gets home. Most of the rest of the evening is spent watching tv with Ryan, or if he’s playing games I’ll do more blog work or something.

I don’t eat much pasta but sometimes it’s just the right thing to do.

As easy as it is to go to bed late every night, I try to get to bed by 10 each night, no later than 11. What we’re watching usually finishes on the hour so we head upstairs at 10, brush our teeth, I was my face, and we get ready for bed. I’ll sometimes take a cup of Horlicks or decaf Green tea up to bed and drink that before I brush my teeth if I’m finding I’m not feeling that tired. After 20 minutes I usually find I’m starting to doze off.

That’s it for an average day for me during this lockdown. Nothing exciting but this is keeping me sane. Do you have a routine for being locked in?

Thank you for reading. Until next time,

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