Jan/Feb/Mar favourites

At the moment, with all my free time, I’ve been really thinking about how I’m spending my time. Obviously I’m working through my skincare and makeup stash at the moment, so I’m not using all of my products, but I have found a few favourites from what I’ve been using over the last few months. I’ve also been trying different things outside of my face care, and some of these I’ve been noticing a real difference with.

Just before the new year, I bought my first The ordinary product, the L-Ascorbic powder. It’s a vitamin C booster that you can add to your current products to get a hard hitting skin revamp. I’ve been using it once a week mixed into my moisturiser at night and have noticed how it’s not only helped smooth out texture and brighten skin tone, but it’s also a good way to prevent ageing as it helps with collagen production.

It’s ironic that my other skincare favourite for the past few months is something that works very similarly to vitamin c, but doesn’t like vitamin c at all. The Revolution niacinimide and zinc serum has been my go to most days to keep my blemishes at bay, and skin looking smooth and clear. I like this because I feel like it’s not as harsh as other anti blemish serums, but it still gets the job done. I’m almost finished with one bottle of this, but I have another as back up so I should be okay for a while.

This year I’m really trying to make my hair a focus. I spend a lot of time on my skincare, but not a lot on my hair. You’d think that I’d want to spend equal time seeing as it’s so close to my face. I’ve got quite a few hair care products considering I don’t do much to my hair, so I’ve been trying to create more of a hair routine incorporating some of these products. One being a hair mist of some sort. I have an Aussie leave in conditioning spray which I’ve been using after I shower and before I put on my hair oil. I do feel like this helps my hair look shinier and feel smoother without weighing it down. I also have the hydrasoothe cooling spray by salon science that has been helping with my dry flaky scalp. It feels very cooling when first applied which is nice, and I have noticed an improvement in my scalp dryness since using it. I’ll continue using these and will most likely repurchase once finished.

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been using some products from pro white teeth to help lift and remove stains from my teeth. I got the set with the toothpaste, charcoal powder and bamboo toothbrush. I use the toothpaste every morning, and a regular toothpaste in the evening, just to make sure I’m getting enough tooth protection. Since we’ve been on lockdown I’ve had more time to use the charcoal powder as well. I’ve noticed that my teeth are a lot whiter and brighter, and the stains are lighter. I’d say that if you want a more intense whitening, try their other whitening set, that uses a light, but for a bit of added brightening, this set is perfect!

As said previously, I don’t do much hair care, but I was told by a lady at work that is learning hair care that double cleansing might help with my scalp issues. I’ve only really been doing this for a few weeks, but I’ve noticed that my head is a lot less itchy and irritated since I’ve started. This may be partly to do with the shampoo and conditioner that I’m using as it’s a soothing one designed to help itchy scalp. I guess we’ll find out if it’s the double cleansing or the products when I run out, though hopefully I’ll be able to find more of the products, or ones equally as good!

Since mid last year I’ve been going to the gym on and off, but since the beginning of this year I’ve really been pushing myself to make it part of my routine. I want to feel fitter and stronger, and be able to push myself without giving up. I want physical activity to be part of my everyday life, and be something I look forward to and enjoy. Since the lockdown began, and gyms have shut, I’ve been doing daily fitness challenges to give myself something to do everyday that keeps me feeling like I’m bettering myself, whilst also not taking up too much of the day. I’ve been doing desperate, leg, arm, and ab challenges every morning, followed by a 10 minute yoga session. I think this is part of the reason why I feel so good mentally despite the lockdown, but also physically. I do feel like I’ve put on weight, but I don’t feel unhealthy.

As I’ve been trying to stay fit and healthy this year, I’ve also been wanting to look and feel my best in terms of my body care. I’ve been trying to moisturise my body more as this is something I’m usually pretty bad at. I have uneven skin tone on my body most likely the result of growth and sun exposure, so I’ve been doing my best to address and care for that. Another thing I’ve been doing is semi regularly using a gradual tan of some sort to give my skin a bronzed glow. I don’t like to do regular tanning as I find that it’s a lot of work and it looks patchy after 3 days. I’m also not looking for that much of a noticeable change of colour. With gradual tan, most come in the form of a moisturiser, so I’m caring for my body’s skin whilst getting a bit of colour. It doesn’t do much for the uneven skin tone but I do feel a bit better about it.

I’ve been loving music recently. Although it’s always something I rely on, there isn’t always music that I want to listen to. The past few months have been great for me music wise. A lot of my favourite artists have been releasing albums and I’ve loved every one of them. The main 3 I’ve been listening to are Fine line by Harry Styles, Walls by Louis Tomlinson, and most recently CALM by 5 Seconds of Summer. These are all such feel good albums, and it always makes me happy listening to them. I’ll list my top 3 songs from each album, that if I were to recommend any songs, it’d be these!

Fine Line – Harry Styles: Golden, Sunflower vol 6, adore you.

Walls – Louis Tomlinson: Walls, Too young, Defenceless.

CALM – 5SOS: Wildflower, Best years, No shame.

My final favourite for the first quarter of the year is using up not only products from my stash, but also other things around the house. Obviously my goal was to use up some of the products I’ve bought, but changing my approach to things in this part of my life has made me think about what I’m wasting in other areas. I’ve began by rearranging my bathroom so that my toiletries will be getting used up fully before I, and my S/O move onto the next thing. I’ve also started meal planning again to make the most of the food I have in the fridge instead of going to the shops nightly to buy new food for one meal, then chucking stuff out the next week. A slightly smaller thing is that I’ve started using one candle at a time, instead of having 6 half used ones around the house. Not a huge thing but it makes me feel like I’m doing a bit better.

That’s it for my first favourites of the year. I’ve really enjoyed this year so far, despite a lot of negative things that could and should put a dampener on my mood. I don’t want to spend my time regretting things, and overthinking, and I hope that this mindset continues throughout the year. I also hope some positivity comes your way and spreads sunshine and happiness through your life.

Until next time,

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