My experience with Liz Earle products

Working in a beauty department, you get exposed to a lot of brands that you may not have heard of before. For me, one of those brands was Liz Earle. I had no idea what it was or what they did, but after becoming friends with the girl who works on the counter, I quickly became very interested in the brand and their products.

You may have heard of the cleanse and polish hot cloth cleanser, and if you have, you’ve heard of liz Earle. It’s the UKs number one cleanser, and after trying some of the products, I can tell why some people swear by it. I’ve been able to try a number of their products since working in beauty and it’s quickly becoming one of my favourite brands. I may be slightly biased because of my friend, but thinking purely of the products, it’s definitely up there.

A bit about the brand and it’s founder. Liz Earle began her career as a journalist, specialising in beauty and healthy lifestyle, then moved onto TV and eventually created her own skincare range. This range is inspired by nature to create healthy skin, no matter the age or type.

lets start with that favourite and talk about the cleanse and polish cleanser. I got a sample of this when I first started working in boots back late last year. I was in the midst of a acne flare up and was desperate to find something that worked. I tried this for a few days, and wrote it of as not being for me. Fast forward to mid this year and I started using my little sample bottles as my in shower makeup remover. The ease that it gets through makeup, and soothes my skin whilst cleansing is crazy. They’ve formulated it to be tough on dirt yet gentle in skin (anyone wanna hire me for a household cleaning product advert?). What I thought I needed for my skin, was really not what I needed for my skin, and now that I know harsher isn’t necessarily better, I love using my cleanse and polish, and really taking care of my skin. I’ve bought myself a big bottle of this now to keep using in the shower, and I’ve even got my mum using it (she loves it too).

The second thing I tried was the brightening mask. I love this. It’s the perfect mask for me. Quick, easy, and does what it says. It’s more of a clay texture, slightly gritty, but not irritating at all. You apply it, leave it on for 30 seconds to 2 minutes, then remove. I definitely recommend starting at the 30 seconds as it can be quite intense, and my skin can put up with A LOT. What I did when I first started using it was apply it, wash my hands or brush, and then wipe it straight off. It just seems to give skin a burst of glow. It makes you look brighter and more even, and just overall more healthy. This mask is definitely not suitable for people with sensitive skin.

If you’re looking for something like this, but a bit more gentle, then the balancing gel mask is what you want. It’s designed to sooth and rebalance the skin, with ingredients such as elderflower which helps balance skin tone and smooth skin texture. It also has meadowsweet which tones and tightens. It’s an all rounder really. I definitely see less noticeable improvements from this mask, but I think whilst I have the brightening mask I use that more often and so haven’t given the balancing mask the time it needs. This being said, I do always feel my skin looks brighter and rejuvenated after using this. It’s just to a level that’s more suitable for everyone.

One of the newer products for me is the instant tonic, in spray form. I love this as well. I grabbed it when it was really hot, as my friend was offering sprays to customers to cool them down. I tried it and loved it. I’ve never been into face sprays that much but it turns out I was just waiting for the right one. I use this regularly now, when my skins feeling a bit sore, sensitive, dry, dull, or I just want a bit of a pamper. I also use this as a setting spray for my makeup if I’m looking for more of a dewy look. It feels so nice on the skin, has a gentle mister, and helps makeup look more natural and fresh. This is one item I’m sure I’ll repurchase.

The final skincare item I tried is the eye bright soothing eye lotion. I’ve been interested in this for a while, as my eyes can my very dry and sensitive, but they are also so dark. I hoped this would wake them up a bit in the morning. I use this is in the morning, when I usually skip cleansing and go straight to toning. After I’ve used my toner I pop some of this on a cotton pad, and gently wipe it over the eyes. I hold it over them for a few seconds sometimes if I’m feeling especially delicate. It really helps to wake me up and clean the eye area. The coolness and ingredients like aloe Vera also help to soothe the eyes. It definitely helps wake me up. Not sure about how brightening it actually is though.

I’ve also tried one of their makeup products. The sheer skin tint spf 15 is my go to makeup for when it’s sunny or I’m on holiday. I like something sheer, that still has a little coverage. I just apply this with my hands, and blend in with my fingers. I love how lightweight this feels on the skin, and how it evens my skin tone. The only problem I have this is there are only 3 shades, not what I’d call inclusive. Although this is a sheer formula, there still needs to be a wider variety of shades to suite every skin tone. Liz Earle recently removed all of their makeup products, but they still have this sheer tint.

That is all of the products I’ve tried from liz Earle so far. I’ve got my eye on a few things though, the new cica paste, and some of their body products too.

Have you tried any liz Earle products? What did you think of them?

Thank you for reading this post, I hope you have a great rest of your day!

Until next time,

6 thoughts on “My experience with Liz Earle products

      1. Good idea! I find simple is the best way to start. This brand doesn’t have too much to choose from which I think is the best way sometimes. I’d read up about all the different products and see if any sounds good for you 😄😄

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  1. Love Liz Earle products, I know the range has been decimated since it was bought by boots sadly. I absolutely loved their mascara and the Christmas make up gift sets. They still do seasonal editions of the cleanse & polish every year thankfully! Glad you stuck with it!

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