March Rocca box

Another month, and what a weird one it is. It seems wrong to be posting about something so simple now, but also feels like we need to keep some level of normalcy. So as per scheduled, this post is going up!

This months box is celebrating the 3rd birthday of rocca box, and so they’ve included some of their favourite products. You get 4 full sized products and 2 sample sizes. Ignoring what the products are, 4 full sized products for £10 is a steal, and shows why the box is becoming a favourite to so many people.

Let’s get into the products themselves. They teased some products on their Instagram before the box was launched, and the first one was the Huda beauty lip contour pencil. You had the option of two colours. The shade I got was wifey, a light dusty pink. This is the kind of colour that I tend to be drawn towards. This one was a little lighter than I’d usually go, it would be perfect as a base if I wanted to try a slightly lighter lipstick. The formula is creamy, pigmented, and definitely long lasting. I wore this multiple times and would find that throughout the day when my lipstick would fade, I could still see the liner on my lips. Quality wise this is the best lip liner I’ve tried. I’d love to try more of these, but I’m not sure I’m willing to spend the money on one.

The second product I tried was the Murad retinol youth renewal serum. I’d seen this serum a lot recently, it’s like it was following me. I’d seen it on ads, in store, and on social media. I really thought I was destined to try it, not to be dramatic. I had high hopes for this, an it really delivered. I love this product. The texture of this serum is a lot thicker than I expected. It felt more like a moisturiser. Although I don’t notice much in terms of anti-aging, being that I’m only 23, I loved how it made my skin look and feel. I apply it nightly, and wake with soft, smooth, and plump skin. This is one product that I would break my no buy for. I’ll still make my way through my current serums, but when I’m a little lower I’ll look at buying one of these.

The next product was the Umberto Giannini banana butter leave in hair conditioner. I was a little confused by this at first. My hair is in quite good condition so I wasn’t really sure if I needed it, but I realised that as I’m growing my hair out, it’ll need all the help it can get. I also don’t have a leave in conditioner so there was a gap In my hair care collection. I use this once or twice a week, after showering to give my hair a treat. It doesn’t feel heavy in the hair at all, and it not only gives it a lovely healthy shine, but also keeps it smelling delicious for days. It doesn’t weigh my hair down which surprised me too! My hair has always been too heavy to hold a curl, but that’s gotten better recently. I was worried that this would undo my progress. It does not. I do really like this product, I’m not sure if I would repurchase in the future. I would however recommend it to friends in need of a little hair help.

The next product I tried was the smash box photo finish primer. This is the product that smash-box is probably known for. I feel like each brand has something they’re known for. For smash-box it’s their primers, specifically this one. I haven’t tried this before, as I’m a bit unconvinced on primers. I did previously buy a different smash box primer, back when I was still making my mind up on them. I ended up giving that to a friend. So I don’t have a great track record. I just don’t think they do much. I did try to go into this with an open mind though. It could just be that I hadn’t found THE primer for me. This primer feels very much like the kind of primer I hate. It somehow feels wet and dry at the same time. Baffles me. A lot of brands have a similar feeling primer so it’s obviously popular. I’ve used this under makeup for work, and although I can’t say for certain that it’s made my makeup look better, I also can’t say it looks worse. I’ll continue to use the sample, and maybe I’ll change my mind, but for now I’m still pretty convinced primers don’t do anything.

Next up is something that took me a lot longer to try that I thought it would. The ohK save our skin gently warming facial steam mask. I know why it took me so long to use. It’s because you use it in the bath or shower and I’m never organised enough to get it ready beforehand, and once I’m in the shower there’s no chance of me getting out before I’m done. I did eventually get round to using it and the first thing I noticed is it’s half a mask. It only covers the lower half of the face which I thought was weird, but if it’s designed to be used in the shower may be smart. I’m getting ‘Face mask leaking into the eyes’ visions. The second thing is that this mask is unique. It really does warm on the skin, and not in an uncomfortable way. It felt really nice. This came at the perfect time as I’ve been having really irritating hormonal bumps across my jawline so something cleansing and soothing was perfect. The mask itself didn’t slide down my face whilst wearing it, nor did it smell or taste weird. I honestly really like how it worked, and how my skin felt. I’d definitely buy more for when it’s that time of the month and my skin is just NOT having it. To be honest I could probably do with another one already. My skin is not enjoying quarantine.

The final thing in the box was the Bumble Zest chamomile lavender and spirulina shot. I love the idea of these. I’m always getting the little ginger shot from pret. I feel like downing a little concentrated good-for-the-body concoction is such a quick way to look after yourself. This has so many good ingredients, but I will be honest, I put off trying this for the longest time. I think it was the lavender that put me off. I just don’t like lavender, and the thought of it in my drink didn’t sit right with me. I did finally build up the nerve to try it, and it swiftly went in the bin. I know the point is to quickly drink it and not taste it, but I find it so difficult to do that when I don’t like the flavour of something, Especially when it’s that strong. If they have other flavours I’d look into it, but I think for now I’ll stick with my pret shots and putting high amounts of ginger and turmeric into my food.

How are you finding lockdown? Are you being quarantined in your country? How long do you think it’ll be before covid-19 is a thing of the past.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Let me know what you thing of it.

Until next time,

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