Jan/Feb empties: Clinique, pixi, murad & more

As some of you may know, this year I’m trying to do a complete no buy. I won’t be buying anything unless I completely run out, which is unlikely to happen. I think I have enough stored to last me a good few years.

One of the things I plan to do to help encourage me to stay on track is keep a record of all the things I use up so that I can look back and be proud of not only all the money I’ve saved, but also all the product I’ve saved that would otherwise go off and get chucked out. Every other month I’m going to go through my empties and give my impression on them, and tell you whether I’d repurchase them once I’m finished with everything.

This post is going through my empties for January and February. I found I went through more things than I expected, though a few of them were minis so it’s not so hard to use them. I’ll talk about my full sized products first.

I finished a 100ml pixi glow tonic about halfway through Feb. I’d had this for a while and really wasn’t sold on it at first. I didn’t think it did much, but I think it’s because I was going through a particularly bad skin period, and it just wasn’t doing anything for me, this time round my skin was looking a lot more clear and this was perfect to help me get glowing and healthy skin. I used this every morning and it was the perfect step before makeup application to give my skin a smooth and glowy finish. I’d definitely look at getting another glycolic toner once I finish my others, but I’d do a bit of research before settling on pixi as it is more expensive. I know that you often pay for quality but I’d like to make sure this is the case here and that I’m not just paying for the brand.

The second product is something I’ve been loving for ages. The Clinique moisture surge 96hr eye gel is something I received when I worked for the brand. I really loved how it made the skin around my eyes look and feel, but hated how it sat under makeup. Because of this I only used it in the evenings and I found this to be enough. This isn’t the cheapest eye cream you can buy, and sadly I’d have to say that I won’t be repurchasing it as Clinique isn’t cruelty free (they sell in China). If they became cruelty free I definitely would, but we need to take a stand against companies or nothing will ever change.

Another Clinique product now. They’re a brand I’m really focussing on as I have quite a few of their products but I want to move onto cruelty-free brands. The Clinique turnaround serum is something you can no longer buy, but even if you could I probably wouldn’t recommend it. It was very thick,m. It didn’t feel like a serum at all, more like a moisturiser. It also didn’t seem to do much. I quite like this range from Clinique as it’s aimed at promoting cell renewal and healthy giving you healthy glowy skin. This serum however showed me absolutely no benefits. It was just a wasted step in my routine. I’m glad it’s gone.

The first mini I finished was actually a sample of a clarins toner. I only got a few days worth of use out of this, but I can tell from that that this isn’t going to be a purchase. Not only are clarins another non cruelty free brand, but I also prefer my toners to do more than just tone. Nowadays you don’t really need a toner for what they were traditionally used for, balancing the pH of the skin, as most cleansers have this built in to them. I tend to pick toners that have a specific aim, be it hydration, blemish fighting, or gentle exfoliation. I found that this didn’t really do that. It was a nice product but just not for me.

I received a mini version of the murad Essential-c gel cleanser in a Rocca box a few months back, and used it solidly for that month, then moved onto something else. I think my that is when my skin started playing up a bit so I moved into a more targeted cleanser. I started using it again in january as my skin cleared a little, and finished it towards the beginning of Feb. I did really like this cleanser. The little beads were really nice and I felt like I was protecting my skin from aggressors that I couldn’t see. My only problem was the smell. It smells like oranges. I have a real problem with the smell of oranges. It’s not even that I don’t like the scent particularly, it’s just that when ever I smell it was find myself struggling to breathe a little. It’s not that I can’t breathe , but I do catch my breath a bit. Not the end of the world but I find breathing quite enjoyable and if I can avoid struggling with it I will, if they got rid of the scent I’d vid be all over it.

The final mini that I used up was a Clinique smart day cream with spf 15. Again I got this when I started working for the brand and just didn’t really bother to use it as it was for more dry skin and I am more on the oily side. I decided it would be perfect to use it over the colder months as my skin needed a bit of extra moisture whilst still having spf protection. I didn’t mind this to be honest. This is a very expensive anti aging cream, and I can’t say I noticed any anti aging properties, but then again I am only 23. I wouldn’t buy it as it’s just not worth the money for someone my age.

I’m really proud of what I’ve managed to get through so far this year, even if a few of them were mini products. It all makes a difference. I’ve already used some products this month so my next post at the beginning of may should be a good one too!

Have you used any products up so far this year?

Thank you for reading this post! I hope it inspired you to use up some of your products 🥰

Until next time

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