February Rocca box

I don’t know about you, but I have favourite and least favourite months. February to me is one of the latter. I’m still trying to save after spending ridiculous amounts over Christmas. It’s cold, and wet. Nothing good happens in February. They literally made the month shorter because it sucks. So, I of course was excited when I received my Rocca box. This months box was full of things that interested me, all of which I felt like I’d enjoy.

The first thing I noticed, and something that I’ve definitely been interested in was a months supply of sugar bear hair gummies. My hair has been a concern for me for a while. It’s healthy for the most part but as I’m trying to grow it out again, I’m looking for something to keep it healthy the longer it gets. It has a tendency to become very thin towards the ends. I’ve also been suffering with a very dry scalp for a couple of month so was wondering if this would help. These little blue bears can be found everywhere nowadays, Instagram, Facebook, in stores. I’ve been taking them since I received them, and tbh I don’t know if they’re good yet. These are the kind of things that take a couple of months to really see a difference with. All that I can report on right now is that they aren’t as chewy as I was expecting, and they also taste ridiculously artificial. They’re okay to have once a day, but I don’t feel like I want to eat any more. I’m still undecided on whether I’ll purchase another months supply yet. It’s not the cheapest investment, especially when it’s not guaranteed.

This box also came with a sugar bear hair shower cap, that’s cute and fleece lined. I don’t have much to say about this because it doesn’t fit on my head. if someone has a smaller head than mine, (I thought my head was pretty average sized) then this would be perfect.

The next thing I was excited about was a moisturiser by the brand Monu skin. I’ve received a product from this brand before which I use regularly, so I’m somewhat familiar with the brand. I was really excited that this product was full size, and also to see if this is the product my skin has been missing. I used this moisturiser morning and evening for most of the month, and although I’m not 100%, I’m pretty sure this broke me out in spots. My skin has been pretty clear up until I started using this, so unless it has something to do the sugar bear hair, I think there’s an ingredient that my skin doesn’t like. I’ve, since noticing this, stopped using it, and my skin has cleared up a bit, though I am still getting hormonal spots. I will try this again when my skin clears up.

The Dr lipp moisturising colour lip tint was a really lovely treat. I get very dry lips all year round, and struggle to find a lip balm that I actually like. This one is somewhere between a balm and a gloss, provides hydration and protection, and also has a lovely berry tint to it. I’ve tried dr lipp products before so I know they’re good, and this is no different. I’d definitely recommend this.

The starry eyes eye mask was something that I wasn’t that excited about until I had a banging headache and needed something to relieve it. I hopped into bed with this on and the warmth and steam really helped soothe my head. I’d definitely stock up on these for future moments like these.

The final thing from the box that I tried was the Danielle creations face sheet mask. This mask is packed with an anti aging serum, and made from a thicker than usual material that really sticks to the skin. Im not sure which of these it was, but I really enjoyed wearing this mask. I’m not sure how many benefits my skin got, but my mentality was definitely soothed during the 10 minutes I was wearing it. I’ll look into other masks by this brand that are more suitable for my skin concerns.

There was a final product in the box that I haven’t yet tried. It’s a cold brew tea bag from tea pigs. I was really excited to try this but quickly put myself off it. I’m not sure why. I’ll get back to it at some point. I think it’s a really good idea, I’m just a little fussy when it comes to flavoured water.

Have you tried any of these products?

Have you grabbed yourself a Rocca box yet? March’s box is look good so far.

Thank you for reading this post!

Until next time,

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