January Rocca box

So, the beginning of the new year brought around new goals and resolutions, and a brand new Rocca box to help us reach them!

I was really excited about this month box. It was full of things I’d never tried and I was eager to give them a go.

The first and most frequently used thing I tried was the daily concepts 2 in 1 soap sponge with mother of Pearl. If you know me, you know that skincare is my weakness. I love trying new things to find the best products for my skin. So, with that being said, This product was very interesting to me. It’s designed to be used on the face and body, depending on your preference. The sponge gently exfoliates, whilst the ‘soap’ cleanses. I was a little concerned that it would be too gentle for my blemish prone skin, but if anything it helped soothe any blemishes I had. The sponge helped exfoliate any dead skin, to give me a healthy glow. The only thing I would say is it’s a bit of a pain to store. As someone who doesn’t have any bar soaps, finding somewhere to store this after use was difficult.

The second thing is the dirty little secret jelly blush. I’ve followed this brand for years on Instagram so was very excited to be able to try one of their products. I was pleasantly surprised by the formula. Very smooth and glowy. The only problem was that the shade was too light for me. I ended up giving this to a friend of mine, but I’d definitely try other shades.

Along with the blush, there was a brush by bang beauty. Now, it’s a lot different to my regular brush that I use for blush, and if I’m being honest, I wasn’t impressed by it. it felt like using a paint brush. the bristles were too stiff. Even if I could use it for make up, it wouldn’t be for blush. Honestly I probably wouldn’t buy this brush.

The st tropez self tan face mist is something that I was very hesitant about. The thought of putting self tan on my face scares me a little, especially as it said to put it on clean, dry skin. Not being able to put moisturiser on for like 5 hours is a big no no for me. I managed to do my skincare, wipe it off with an essence, then put the spray on. This did work, maybe not as good as it could have, but I’d do it this way in the future. This gave my skin a healthy bronzer look, much more than I’d expected. I’d never tried this brand before, but definitely will in the future.

The final thing in the January box was the beauty pro brightening sheet mask. I’ve used & bought masks from this brand before, and are always impressed by them. This was no different. This mask was great quality, and didn’t irritate my skin. I did look noticeably brighter after using this & I’d definitely buy this mask again.

I apologise that this post is so late, I’ve had such a difficult time getting my pictures from my camera to my phone, so I haven’t been able to post. That’s been sorted now so I should be back up to some what regular posting.

I hope you enjoyed this post. The February Rocca box review will be up soon.

Until then,

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