Merry Christmas! December Rocca box

My fourth month of Rocca box has come around and what a special one it was. ITS CHRISTMAS!

This months box was all about making it through the month, be it without destroying your face, or your body, whilst still looking good. There was a really nice mix of things in this box. Makeup, skincare, body care.

Let’s get straight into the items. We’ll start with my favourite. The dr botanicals Pomegranate superfood regenerating sleeping mask. This is a nourishing sleep mask that brightens, softens, and smooths the skin. It’s been a lifesaver this month as my skin has been so dry and rough. I applied this Christmas Eve, and Christmas morning my skin was almost as soft as my baby nieces, so that’s saying something. I use this a couple times a week when my skin is feeling under the weather, and it always perks it up. I’ve luckily been sent another of these in a giveaway so I’m excited to have a back up! I’m also interested to see how this compares to similar products. I’d like to see if it had any similarities to the new liz Earle cica paste. I might have to compare these two in the future.

Next up, the bowe organics lash oil. If you know me you know I love my lashes. If I could only have one thing it would be long curly lashes, as without them I look somewhat eggheaded. I love using lash serums and oils to look after and nourish my lashes. I’m using some form of lash oil at all times so this was a really exciting product. I’m used to these coming with a wand, whereas this is just a bottle with a pipette. You rub the oil between your fingers and massage it across the lashes and lid. This is a little difficult but I’m not angry at it. My lashes look healthy and strong, but I think I’ll need to use it more to see any growth.

The next thing I tried was the Steve Laurant lip lacquer. There was a peaches or Café shade option. I was hoping to get the cafe as I thought it would be more wearable, but I ended up with peaches. It’s far more pigmented than I thought it would be, which is good. Usually with lighter colours you can see the natural darkness of my lips through it, but not with this. It also isn’t sticky or drying, and gives a nice shine. I’d love to try more colours of these.

For a bit of sparkle, we had the Luna by Luna eyeshadow. It’s a beautiful gold bronze shade, perfect for any time of year. It has a very delicate glow to it, which makes it suitable for day time or night. It’s formula is smooth, and has high pigmentation. I’ve worn this on multiple occasions and it always blends out smoothly and wears well.

The final product that I’ve tried is the Philip Kingsley body building shampoo. I’ve got quite thick hair as is, so this isn’t something I’d necessarily pick for myself, but I have tried it. It lathers up well and smells nice which I find quite important. You get a lot for the size as well. In terms of what it does for the hair, I didn’t notice much of a difference, expect a slight volume boost. Never something I’d complain about. This might be perfect for someone with slightly thinner hair looking for some extra oomph!

There was another product in the box, but I haven’t had chance to try it yet. Yeti and the fox gave a little help for a busy night. These tablets are designed to help prevent a hangover after a wild night. I don’t drink often myself, and how much I work means I can’t afford to drink much either. This might come in handy for some of my friends who are more wild than myself, but for me I think it will go unused. I love the idea though. I think it will be very useful for some people.

Some of the items from this box might be my favourite so far, so I have to say that decembers box is a win!

Did you get chance to try this months Rocca box? What did you think of it?

Thank you for reading this post,

Until next time

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