Rocca box: November

Another month, another box of goodies! This month is all about washing away the winter blues and adding glow to your life. With a mix of body and face products, skincare and makeup, there’s plenty to choose from.

What did we get this month? 6 products and an extra little sample. The products received were The vita mask cranberry and apple sheet mask, b.tan gradual tan daily moisturiser, and styl London eyeshadow palette, unicorn cosmetics brush cleaner, systane eye drops and a love, beauty, and planet body wash. We also got a small fragrance sample. I won’t lie, I wasn’t quite as excited about this box as the months previous, but I also wasn’t disappointed.

let’s start with the first product I used. The systane eye drops were something I was immediately drawn to. Since I’ve started driving, and the weather turned colder, my eyes have been getting really dry and tired. I use these morning and night and my eyes definitely feel less irritated. I feel like they look brighter too (I tend to get very bloodshot eyes) but that might just be a placebo effect. I’ll see how they feel with more continued use but this has Persuaded me to use eye drops.

Next we have the b.tan gradual tanner. I personally prefer a gradual tan over a regular one as I feel I have better control over the depth of colour as well as where and how it blends into the skin (less likely to miss spots and have patches). This one is white when in the tube and applies just like a regular moisturiser. It hasn’t clung to any dry patches or looked streaky. It also smell exactly like fruit salad sweets and I’m dying for it! I’ve applied it after I shower, every other day, on and off throughout the month to keep a healthy bronze glow on my skin. I’ll definitely be using this as my go to gradual tan, and I’m really interested in buying another one I’ve used my current ones up.

Next up we have the vita mask sheet mask. I’ve grown to love a sheet mask, though I hate how cold they always are. I think they’re a great way to Give you skin what it needs, and it has a longer lasting effect than peel of or clay masks. this one was really nice as it didn’t have so much serum in it that I felt I was wasting any product (you can rub it in to your neck but only so much). I had enough for the mask and to massage a little extra down the neck and on the hands. My skin felt a little smoother and looked a little brighter and less stressed for a while which I love. It did a good job! If I ever run low on sheet masks (unlikely) I’ll browse the range.

Next up we have the styl London eyeshadow palette. This is a 9 pan palette containing warm neutral shades in a mix of matte and foiled finishes. I’ve been using this as my everyday palette and have been so impressed with the quality. Styl London seems to be a really underrated brand that I’m interested in seeing more from. The palette has a good range of shades and finishes that I find I can switch up daily, and never get bored of. I would like a slightly lighter transition shade, but it’s not needed, and is a lot more dark skin friendly as is currently. There is also a bit of fallout, but i find that usually means better pigmentation, which is definitely true for this. Big fan of this palette, and this brand.

The unicorn cosmetics brush cleaner is something that came into my life at the perfect time. I needed to clean my brushes the week this box came, and it made life so much easier. I do have another rubber brush cleaner but it just isn’t as good or as easy to use. The different textures done make a huge difference to me, but the size means I can get every last bit of makeup of my brushes without having to rinse 5 times. I’ll be keeping this and tossing my old one out now.

Finally we have the live, beauty, and planet shower gel. When I read the scent of this, I was a bit worried. I usually only like fresh and fruity scents, so this one being more sweet and woody has me a little worried. It was all for no reason though as I absolutely love the smell. It’s the perfect amount of sweet and I always leave the shower feeling so good after using this. I do find have to put quite a bit on my loofah to ensure I can clean my whole body, but that’s fine by me. The little bottle has lasted me the whole month and I’m still going strong with it so I can only imagine how long a full size bottle would last.

Overall November’s box has been a real good one. Not my favourite but my first 2 were amazing so it’s not surprising really, they couldn’t keep getting better forever. I feel better for having had this box as I feel like it’s filled some gaps for me.

Did you get November’s box? Are you trying a different subscription box? Let me know, I’d love to discuss them!

Anyway, thank you for reading.

Until next time,

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