Rocca box: october

So, another month of Rocca box has come about. I missed this one being delivered and had a dream that it was TERRIBLE so you can imagine my joy when I finally got it and looked inside. Another great month by the looks of it. We had 3 full sized items, and 3 minis.

This months box is all about prepping the skinfor the cold weather coming our way. It came just in time too as this month has been a bit nippy!!

As per usual, the cleanser is the first thing I’m excited about, and boy was it worth the excitement. The first, and most important thing about the laid bare diy cleanser (and toner) is that it smells like lemon meringue pie. I die. It’s heavenly. Its also a very good face cleanser. It helps control my breakouts without being harsh, and the fact that it’s a toner as well means I’ve cut a little time off of my skincare routine. I’ll continue using this as my regular cleanser even after the end of the month.

The second thing is the bare minerals skin longevity serum. If you follow my Instagram (lipsnailslife) you might know that I actually work for BareMinerals, so I was super excited to see it featured in this months box. Despite working for them, I’ve not actually used the skin longevity serum as I’m trying to use my old ones up first. I know about all of it’s claimed benefits but I’m so excited to know that it’s actually true. It does what it says. My skin looks smoother and brighter and overall more healthy. It’s got a few ingredients that I’m so excited to see in it, like niacinimide (good for blemishes), Squalane (good for hydrating and plumping skin), & Peucedanum japonicum leaf/stem extract AKA long life herb (brightening, antioxidant, and protective) which is one of the main ingredients. I can now say to customers that I’ve used it and can say that it works, and have the skin to prove it.

A lot of skincare in this months box! Next up is the cetephil moisturising lotion. I’ve actually got a full size one of these but haven’t used it for the longest time, so I was excited to see whether I should bring it out or bin it. I find this moisturiser has got quite a unique texture. It’s almost like a regular moisturiser, but feels ever so slightly whipped? It’s got this airy feel to it, which I’ve been loving. I’ve been using it morning and evening and my skin has been feeling so so soft. I think this combination of cleanser (toner), serum, and moisturiser are perfect together, and suitable for most skin types. My skin feels so hydrated & plumped, but not too greasy. I will be bringing mine out after I use the sample size (which lasts ages by the way).

Next up is the balance me hyaluronic plumping mist. This is a hydrating and plumping face spray with hyaluronic acid in it (obviously). I’ve been loving face sprays recently so was excited to try this. The first time I did, I really struggled with the sample size, which put me off for a few days. I persevered and can now actually use the spray. I’m honestly not sure why I struggled the first time. Once I’d figured it out, I was really happy with the product. I has a mighty spray for a small bottle though so be aware of that. It does also have a smell, I think it’s natural, and it isn’t unpleasant, but it’s also not my favourite thing. I’ve enjoyed using this product, and I think I’ll love it more as the weather gets colder, but I’m not 100% sold on it yet.

Now we have a bit of makeup. Let’s start with the Bella piere kiss proof lip creme. The colour is beautiful, perfect for everyday wear, or a special occasion. It’s smooth and creamy to apply and lasted really nicely throughout the day. It did take a little while to dry down, and was a little sticky during this time, but it didn’t transfer at all. If I was more of a lipstick wearer I’d definitely look at some more of these. I say that, I have looked at more of these, I just haven’t bought them. The interest is definitely there!

Finally we have the 3ina The pen eyeliner. I was really excited for this, because I don’t think I’ve tried this brand yet, but I’ve seen it around. To say I’m disappointed is an understatement. I don’t know if I got a dud or what, but the pen felt so dry, it was a struggle to be able to do one set of liner. And when it was finished, it was streaky and patchy. I think because the nib was so dry it was just pulling product off and moving it around. So sadly it’s a no from me.

Overall I was so happy with this months box. I’d definitely recommend anyone who’s interested in the box trying it this month. If you’re looking for a new skincare routine or need some tlc and the weather gets colder, this is perfect box for you. I eagerly await next month now.

I hope you enjoyed this Roccabox review! Let me know your thoughts.

Until next time,

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