Starting a new subscription box: RoccaBox

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that I did a year long review of the beauty subscription box, Birch box.

Subscription boxes are a fun way to try new things that you may not have heard of, or have been willing to spend money on. Even better is that they get delivered straight to your door every month.

RoccaBox is a beauty box designed to show you the best of the beauty industry, but also ventures outside of beauty from time to time. Not just that, everytime you order a roccabox, you get 5 rocca points that can be saved and used to get discounts, free boxes, or gift boxes.

The first month of my subscription was September, & what a good month it was. It came with 5 beauty goodies, 2 full sized, & an extra sample as well. Included was the Murad essential-C cleanser, Monuskin warming aromatic mask (full sized), Styl london banana setting powder, This works sleep spray, Moonface fan brush (full sized), and the bonus sample was 3 sachets of Offblak tea.

I’ll start with my favourites.

If you know me, you know that I love skincare. It’s my favourite thing to try. I was so excited to try the murad cleanser, not only because it’ll be my first murad item, but also it’s so important to protect your skin on the daily. I think there are a lot of invisible nasties that damage our skin that we don’t address.

I’ve used this as my everyday cleanser since it arrived and I’ve really been loving it. It’s a clear gel, with little yellow balls that dissolve on contact with your skin. It doesn’t foam up much, but you can get a nice lather. It would be a great cleanser to use with a cleansing brush.

Although it probably works better as a morning and evening cleanser, I only wash my face in the evening. Since using this my skin feels brighter, healthier, & clean. It doesn’t really do much for my blemishes, though it doesn’t really claim to. I’d definitely look at buying this cleanser, and I think if you don’t have such a problem with blemishes it’d be perfect for you.

The next item is more skincare. The Monuskin warming clay mask. I have a lot of clay masks and I genuinely love them, they’re probably my favourite mask texture. I had an idea of what to expect from this one, but was pleasantly surprised to find out I wasn’t 100% right. It wasn’t as warming as I’d expected, which probably doesn’t make much difference to the performance of the mask, but it does feel a little less weird. It also doesn’t dry. After the 10 minutes it’s still wet, which makes removal a lot easier and less irritating.

I’ve used this mask twice a week since it came, and I really like how it makes my skin feel. It seems to clean and purify without stripping the skin. I don’t think it does much for blemishes other than deep cleaning and soothing the irritation a bit, but I’ll definitely continue to use this weekly.

The next thing is something I’ve grown to love! The styl London banana powder is probably the finest setting powder I’ve ever used. It sets my makeup without looking dry, so it’s perfect for my under eyes. I also have a problem with powders separating on my skin but this doesn’t do that, even if I put a load on. This is definitely something I’ll be continuing to use.

I’m a huge tea fan. I drink a cup of some form of tea every morning, so seeing the offblak sample I was very excited. There were 3 different teas to try, all different flavours, all for different things. There was spicy orange and ginger black tea, blueberry and mint herbal tea, & jasmine and orange green tea. I’ve tried 2 of the 3 and was pleasantly surprised. The jasmine and orange green was the first for me to try, and although I wasn’t sure at the start, I loved it by the end of the cup. I’d definitely think of repurchasing this, because I’d love to drink green tea on the daily but I cannot bring myself to because of the taste, whereas I actually enjoyed this flavour. The spicy orange and ginger black tea is the other I’ve tried. I wasn’t quite sure how it was going to taste, being that I like milk and 2 sugars in my tea usually, but it was very pleasant. Maybe not something I’ve been completely converted to, but if it was an option in a shop I’d likely try it again. It had just enough spice, and was very flavoursome.

The moonface brush is probably the cutest brush I’ve ever seen. It’s so soft and feels such great quality, the only problem is the brush itself. I don’t use fan brushes. I’d be really interested in trying others from this brand, but this one will be going to a friend.

The final thing is the this works sleep spray. I find it very difficult to relax and get a full nights sleep so was interested in this. I’ve used it a few times and although it smells lovely, and calms me, I don’t think it necessarily helped me sleep better. My partner on the other hand said after I used it that he felt snoozy all day. I’ll continue to try it out and see if I get any better results.

This box is still out if you’re tempted by it (I would be). I hope you enjoyed this little review. Hopefully I’ll get them out a bit sooner in the month from now on, but I make no promises.

Have you tried any subscription boxes?

Thanks for reading, until next time,

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