Testing new Nivea skincare

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to be sent some new skincare items from Nivea to try out. I haven’t tried all that much Nivea, but they do my favourite SPf moisturiser.

In the package was the new 3-in-1 urban skin detox clay wash, peel off urban skin detox mask, biodegradable cleansing wipes, & daily essentials oil free day cream. I didn’t waste much time trying them out.

Disclaimer. Although I was sent these products, I’ve not been paid or told to write anything about them, and all opinions are my own.

I tend to gravitate towards cleansers so, I tried the 3-in-1 clay wash twice a day for about a week. My skin definitely looked a lot smoother and was more clear. That being said, I did decide to only use this in the shower, as it has small exfoliating granules in it and I don’t like to physically exfoliate on a daily basis. Plus, I find removing the product with beads in is such hard work, and I can always feel some left over when I’m moisturising afterwards. It didn’t hurt using it daily, but I use a lot of exfoliating products (toners, serums, creams) and don’t want to over do it. I still use it every other day and the consistency of using it is something I credit my skin looking clearer to.

I complemented my boyfriends skin the other day as it’s looking smoother and brighter than usual. Turns out he’s also been using this in the shower, every morning. If It can do that to his skin (he usually uses a 5-in-1 shower/hair gel) then It must do some good. I’ve actually finished the bottle sent to me and bought another one already


The next thing I tried was the mask. I love a mask, though I’ll admit I don’t usually go for peel off ones. I’m never sure If they really do anything. This one I’ll say right off the bat Is one of my favourites that I’ve tried. It made my skin feel smooth, matte, and clean, without drying my skin out. Most importantly, it peels off in one piece. I’ve used this twice a week since it arrived. I’m not sure how far towards my skin looking better longterm it’s gone, but straight after it looks great. I feel like this would be a great mask to use before applying makeup

The next thing is the biodegradable face wipes. I was excited about these when I saw them as I’m happy about anything that is working towards helping the planet. I don’t think face wipes will ever not be around, but making them easier to dispose of is a step in the right direction.


A lot of wipes that I’ve tried have been really harsh and rough on my skin (which can usually take a lot). These ones are soft, and even wiping over the same area repeatedly doesn’t make it sore. They do a decent job of removing makeup before cleansing, and refreshing the face as well. If I’d have to recommend any wipes, I’d say these ones.

The last thing they sent was the daily essentials moisturiser for oily skin. I’ve used the normal combination skin one for years and love the SPF protection it provides. This one sadly doesn’t have that, and also doesn’t provide much oil balancing. It does give the skin a nice semi-matte finish, and I occasionally use it when I’m going bare faced. I don’t tend to reach for this that much.


Have you tried any of these products? what’s your favourite Nivea product you’ve tried?

Thank you for reading this post, See you next time!

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