My current morning skincare routine

Disclaimer: all of the products I mention in this post have been bought by me or are samples. I haven’t been paid to mention any of these products. I am associated with Clinique but I have no motives to mention them other than genuinely liking the product.

Skincare is something that a lot of people, me included, struggle with. I’m someone who’s been obsessed with trying new things to find what works for me, but never stick with it long enough to see if it actually makes a difference. My skin is ridiculously acne prone, oily as heck, textured, and I have a lot of hyperpigmentation left behind from spots.

This photo was taken a couple of weeks back, around the time I started this regular skincare routine.

I’ve been trying to use up some of my open products recently, as I have far too many. In doing this I’ve had plenty of time to try out different products for longer periods of time, and my skin’s really been thanking me.

One thing that has been new, is a tool that I use to cleanse my face. It’s got a plastic/rubber case, with sponge inside. It helps to make the most of your cleansers, and I feel like it helps get a deeper clean. I got it from boots for about £4 and I use it a few times a week.

When it comes down to the actual cleansers, I find that any of the ones I use with this tool work well, but I tend to stick to the the body shop tea tree cleanser, and the biore baking soda cleansing foam. I have also been using the Nivea 3-in-1 urban skin detox clay wash when I shower. It gives more of an exfoliation and purifies my skin.  For a few days I have also been trying African black soap as my face cleanser. I haven’t used it enough to see it’s benefits yet, but It hasn’t broke me out. I try to use some form of AHA/BHA daily as I know how clear and smooth it makes my skin. The Biore foam has salicylic acid in, so I know that if nothing else I can use that.

Moving on from face washing, I always use a toner. some days If I did a double cleanse the night before, I’ll skip washing my face altogether and go straight in with a toner. I find that this is gentle on my skin, but still cleans it. I have a few different toners that I use, but the one I use daily is the boots tea tree and witch hazel toner. I sometimes switch this out at night for the pixi glow tonic, or the boots traditional glycerin and rosewater toner if my skin is feeling a little sensitive & in need of hydration.

Most days I use a serum. I swap between the Revolution skin care 2% Hyaluronic acid, the 10% Niacinamide + 1% Zinc, and I’ve been trying a sample of the Clinique even better serum to help with my pigmentation. I really enjoy using all of these, and it varies day to day depending on what i think my skin needs. Most days is the even better, but if my skin is struggling with breakouts, I go for the Niacinamide, If it’s feeling a little dehydrated, I go Hyaluronic.

Next is moisturiser. This differs depending on what serum I use. I tend to go for my Clinique ID using the gel base and uneven skintone cartridge, followed by my nivea. If i use the Hyaluronic acid I want to make sure that It isn’t taking moisture from my skin, but putting it into it instead. I’ve been using the loreal hydra genius aloe water, again followed by my nivea.

One of the most important things I can say is use an SPF!! Not only is this protecting the skin from sun damage, which is a big contributing factor in skin aging, but it’s also helping prevent the hyperpigmentation in my skin. The sun rays can worsen the look of pigmentation as it encourages the production of melanin, which is what causes the dark spots. the nivea moisturiser I use has an SPF.

The final step is eye cream. I really notice a difference in how the lines under my eyes look when I use certain creams. My go to is the Clinique [gifted] moisture surge 96hour hydro fillerconcentrate. It has dramatically brightened my under eye area, I don’t get as many creases, and my makeup generally applies better now.

That is my regular everyday routine. I’ve simplified it a lot and stick to it daily and I’ve really been noticing the difference. My skin hasn’t been this clear, and fresh looking for such a long time. It’s not perfect but I’m so happy with it.

I’ll be showing you my night time routine as well, where there are a few more options. I tend to do more in the evening to help my skin recover overnight.

For now though, that’s everything!

Have an amazing week 😊

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