My Christmas amazon haul

For Christmas this (last) year, my boyfriend and I got a lot of vouchers, most of which were for amazon. We’d originally planned to buy house things with them, but a lot of what we wanted to get wasn’t on amazon. We decided to split them and bought stuff for ourselves.
I thought this was the perfect time to get some of the more expensive gadgets that I’d been wanting to try. I had 4 in mind that I knew I wanted.
The first thing, and the most expensive, was something I’d wanted to try for so long. It’s the hailicare fruit mask maker. You use fresh fruit juice to create jelly face masks, specific to your needs. I love the idea of creating my own skincare so this has always been an exciting thing for me! I also love the idea of knowing exactly what’s in the mask. Just fruit juice and the collagen peptide tablet. I look forward to getting good use out of this machine, and seeing which combinations work well.
The second thing was a personal microdermabrasion machine. Since learning about microderm in my beauty course, I’ve been desperate to buy one. The one that I bought looked easy to use, and good quality. I’m planning on doing a separate blog post on how to use a PMD if you have no training (as the reviews show people don’t quite understand how to use them correctly). I’m looking forward to seeing the results of using this regularly.
Another thing that I bought was something I’ve been getting interested in recently. face steaming. I purchased a steamer thats so easy to use, and I’ve been loving using it. I’ve read about how steaming is quite common in korean skincare, and koreans are well known for their clear, glass like skin. I love spending 10 or so minutes relaxing and looking after my skin, without using any products or harsh techniques.
The final thing I bought, gadget wise, is something I’ve done a little research about. LED light masks are apparently a good way to treat different skincare concerns, without using any product. The different coloured light waves have different benefits for the skin. for example, blue light is good for killing acne causing bacteria. I’ve not tried this consistently enough to know whether it actually works.
I’ll be posting separate blog posts about each of the gadgets Id purchased. how they’re supposed to work, the benefits, how they worked for me.
The final thing I bought, that isn’t a gadget. is the BH cosmetics take my back to brazil eyeshadow palette. I’ve wanted this for years and just never bought it, but I thought now was a perfect time as I had some money left over. I love how colourful this palette is, and the broad range of colours. There are so many possible ways to use it.
That’s everything that I bought in this haul. I hope you enjoyed reading, and are interested in some of the things I bought.
Until next time,

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