Natural collection long last foundation (combination skin review)

Since I overcame my fear of buying the wrong colour foundation, Ive been on the search for my perfect formula. I’ve tried a few, and have a slight obsession with trying new ones now. Working in boots I see a lot of different foundations on a daily basis.

A makeup brand that I never really hear anything about is natural collection, and having seen it multiple times in store, I thought it was about time I try something. They have a long last foundation for £2.99, that claims to last 15 hours. There were only about 6 shades to choose from, and they’re all on the pale side so that’s a big con to start off with. I chose the shade golden, which is a good match for me.

Now applying this foundation is a bit weird. It’s got a strange tone when you apply it, but blends out to look less grey and more skin like. I’d say it has a Natural matte finish, and medium to full build able coverage . It does show off your texture quite a lot, so if that’s something you struggle with, maybe avoid it. It doesn’t cling to any of my dry patches though. I find that with most foundations, my skin looks better once my natural oils have come through a little, and that’s the same with this.

My skin is oily combination. I get slightly dry cheeks, and an oily t-zone. I set my whole face with powder, out of habit, and I find that after about 7 hours my face still looks decent. I can’t see the foundation breaking up anywhere, and it doesn’t look oily either.

This foundation performs really well for the price point, and I’d definitely recommend people try it out. The main downside is the sheer lack of a shade range.

have you used any products from this brand? I’m interested in trying some more after trying this.

I hope you enjoyed reading.

Until next time,

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