Revolution creative Vol 1

When I first saw this palette on the revolution Instagram page, I was immediately in love with the colours. After many weeks of going to my local Superdrug and it not being there, I finally found it. once I actually had it in my hands I was very much in a ‘do I really need this’ frame of mind, but I knew if I didn’t buy it then I’d buy it in the future anyway. Why not just cut out the middle man?

As it’s probably obvious by now, I love palettes with a bit of colour in them & It’s always a bonus if it has both neutral and bright colours. This palette has just that. It’s got warm tones, brights, shimmers, mattes, and even a black. I love the bright yellow matte and green shimmer shade, they’re my favourites to look at.

When actually using the shadows, I did notice a bit of fall out. This isn’t a huge deal to me, it just means I’m gonna make more mess. The shadows applied really nicely and blended out easily. They felt just as smooth as higher end shadows I’ve tried, and have a really nice level of pigmentation. Not too pigmented as to panic me, but enough that it only took 2/3 dips to build it up (I tap off my brush a lot so less dips if you don’t). The matte black shadow is really easy to blend and has a very dark payoff. The shimmer that I tried was really nice and had a foiled texture, applied beautifully and stayed shiny and bright for hours. None of the pigmentation of the shadows faded either. Other shimmers aren’t quite as foiled and metallic but I don’t always want that so I don’t mind. You can get away with using some of the shimmers in the crease (shock horror), because you can blend a lot of the shimmer out, but it still looks beautiful on the lid! These shadows have really good staying power too. I have quite oily lids, so most eyeshadows crease like hell on me and I get that line on my lid where it’s separated.
My first time wearing this palette my shadow stayed all day, though admittedly the second time it creased pretty quickly. I think that’s partly because I used less shadow the second time.

Having used this palette a few times now, I’m confident in its quality. All of the shadows blend beautifully and last on the eyes. They have great colour pay off, and are definitely worth the £10 price.

I didn’t expect anything less than this quality from revolution, and are excited to get more use from this palette.

Have you picked up this palette? What do you think of it?

Until next time,

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