New year, same me

At the beginning of every year, you hear a lot of new year resolutions and a lot of the phrase ‘new year, new me’. This year I’ve decided that the me that I am right now is good enough, and is capable enough, so I’m embracing this. That isn’t to say that I won’t be making resolutions, but I’ll be doing it with the mindset to continue bettering myself, instead of changing myself. With that being said, the resolutions I am making are smaller, and more specific, to hopefully bring more success.

The first of my resolutions is to make sure I leave my house on a daily basis. This might sound like a weird one, but leaving the house always makes me feel better, more tired, but more accomplished. Even if it’s just to get a drink, I’m going to try hard on this one.

Another thing is to get out of bed before 9 every day, and make my bed every morning. I’m much more of a morning person, so I find I get more done and feel more productive when I get up early. I’ve also heard that making your bed daily makes you feel better, so I’m going to give that a shot too!

I’ve been trying to cut down on my caffeine consumption too and would like to carry that on into the new year. Instead I’d like to drink more water, and at least one glass or bottle of fruit juice daily. I definitely notice I feel better when drinking less caffeine, but I’ve not tried replacing it with water and juice before so we’ll see how that goes.

A little thing I’m going to try is just to take the stairs at work more. Instead of pressuring myself into this full fitness routine, I’m going to start with a small everyday thing that can help.

I’m also going to try taking cooked meals from home instead of spending a Druid amount in something that won’t do me much good.

I’d love to be more productive during the day and on my blog this year as well. As much as I want to be regular and consistent, this isn’t going to become something that I stress about. Blogging is supposed to be fun for me.

Finally I’m going to try to spend as much quality time with loved ones as I can. My mums just retired so I’m excited to see her more, and I want to make a real effort to spend real time with my boyfriend. We’re often too tired to go out and do nice things together but I want to put effort into changing that this year. Or at least just spending time together at home without one of us falling asleep or getting annoyed at the other. I’d like to visit friends as well. Since moving I haven’t really seen my old friends so I’d like to go visit them, or invite them over.

This is my boyfriend, Ryan, isnt he the cutest?!

Those are all of my new year, same me resolutions. What are yours?

Until next time,

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