Some of my Christmas favourites

So, Christmas is one of the most loved times of year, and a lot of people have their own favourite ways to prepare and celebrate. I’m definitely someone who HAS to do certain things around this time of year, and are drawn towards things more than in other months.

One of these things are candles. Throughout most of the year I like fresh and fruity scents, but around Christmas is the ONLY time I’ll buy candles that are scented more sweet and spicy. I’ll always, without fail, get a spiced apple candle. I love my house smelling like cinnamon in these months.

Another thing I love is mulled cider! I’m a cider drinker anyway, but the warm, spiced version is just amazing. It makes me feel really cosy and comfortable.

The Christmas market, in Bristol specifically, is something I’ve been going to every year since I’ve been with my boyfriend. It’s filled with such happy memories and it’s also filled with some amazing food! I love the atmosphere and all the different stalls they have. The bright lights and the songs being played, it’s hard not to fall in love with the moment.

Another thing about Christmas that links in with candles and the Christmas market, is the amount of lights there are at this time of year. Now obviously this is really bad for the environment and I don’t love it for that, but I’m someone who hates the dark and loves the light, so bright lights are beautiful in my eyes! Especially ones that are so pretty and colourful!

As much as I hate the cold, there’s something really satisfying about being in a warm cosy house whilst it’s all cold and frosty outside. It’s a dream to look at, but you don’t have to deal with the bitter cold. And I find I don’t always have to compromise on sun, because a lot of cold mornings are still just as bright as the warm ones.

The mightiest of all Roast dinners and a constant stream of food for the whole of Christmas Day. Christmas Day for me is filled with food. Usually we’ll have waffles in the morning (the best tradition in my opinion) and will be snacking on chocolates until Christmas dinner rolls around, and then continue to snack on chocolate and leftovers, until the evening buffet starts. It’s the worst day for my waistline but the best day for my soul.

Finally, spending time with family is so important, and although I don’t get to see them as much as I’d want at Christmas (work and such) seeing my family means the world to me.

I hope you enjoyed reading this little post, what are some of your Christmas favourites?

I also have to say sorry for the fact that I only managed 3 days before missing a day, but to be honest I’m quite busy and didn’t want to stress myself out with it. Blogging should be enjoyable after all. I will still be trying to upload everyday from now on.

Until next time (whenever that is),

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