A must have for skin this winter

It’s obvious that skin gets drier in the winter months, and it really needs something extra to give it the hydration that it craves. I’ve turned to using overnight hydration masks and it’s been the easiest way to give my skin an extra boost of moisture.

The first one I tried is the clinique moisture surge overnight mask and I really enjoyed how it felt and made my skin feel so soft, plump, and hydrated in the morning. A bonus is that I don’t feel greasy in the morning. It just felt like a moisturiser, instead of a thick mask, but really worked through the night. I’ve only got a sample size of this but I’m definitely going to buy a full size when I’ve finished with this.

The second mask I’ve tried is the origins drink up intensive. This one is very similar texture wise to the Clinique, but has a much stronger scent. I like how this makes my skin feel, and it really appeals to me that it has more natural plant based ingredients. I really enjoyed using this, but my skin doesn’t feel quite as plump and hydrated with this mask. I also only have a sample of this one but would use it again.

These masks have been a life saver for me recently, and I’ll continue to use and recommend them! 😄 let me know if you’ve used one of these, or something similar.

I know I’m posting quite late but I’m still moving and working so it’s difficult to get things written during the day. I’ll try and write a bunch to post earlier from now on.

Thank you for reading,

Until tomorrow,

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