Blogmas 2018

So despite the fact that I’ve been unable to 1. Post frequently, 2. Post consecutively & 3. Post on time, I’ve decided to try blogmas this year!

I’m not sure why the idea’s stuck in my head, especially considering I know that I have plenty of ideas but lack of will to work on them. I’m also in the process of moving house, whilst working a full time job, so time and energy are to come by at the moment. But even with that said, I’m going to try my best to actually get this done, and try to make it at least halfway through the month 😅

Now I’m not planning on doing every post specifically about Christmas, purely due to me not being able to think of that many relevant things that I can do about it. There will be Christmas themed and regular posts mixed in together.

let me know if you’re doing blogmas this year too! I’d love to read them 😄

I hope you look forward to and read my upcoming posts!

Until tomorrow,

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