W7 dusk till dawn palette

When recently in TKmax, I came across a eyeshadow palette from w7. I’ve never used any W7 make up before, only ever having used their nail polish, which has always been good, but I still wasn’t sure what to expect from their make up. This palette though was stunning, and amazingly were in pristine condition.

The palette has a folding lid, that has a magnetic clasp. The packaging seems sturdy for the price, and easy to use. I also love the colours on the front.

This palette was the Dusk til dawn eyeshadow palette, which contains 14 warm tones like reds, browns and oranges, and also purples. Other than the colour scheme that I liked, was that the top row are all mattes, and the bottom row are all shimmers. Not only this, the bottom row are the shimmer equivalents to the top row, which is really unique and useful. I don’t have any other shadow palettes like this, which really drew me to it.

This palette can be used by people who are new to makeup and those who are really good and experienced with makeup. It retails for £9.95, which is an amazing price for a palette containing this many shadows. You can buy it online on the W7 website & amazon, and also in stores such as peacocks & TKMAXX. I’m not personally aware of any other places to buy this brand but please let me know if you know of any others.

The shadows that I’ve used, have been really smooth and easy to blend. The pigmentation is really there, and doesn’t fade with blending. The shimmers are really bright and glittery. They stick to the lid nicely without glitter falling onto the rest of my makeup. These shadows seem really high quality for the price point, and they’re so pretty and a really fun, lovely addition to my palette collection.

I did find that when I removed the shadows, they stained my lid a little bit. This was the only downside of the palette, and I’m sure it was only the brighter red colour that this happened too. It wouldn’t put me off using the palette though.

The online reviews I’ve seen for this palette have all been positive, and they’re rated 5 stars on amazon!.

I really love using this palette and I feel like I can create a lot of different, high quality looks using it.

I hope you enjoyed this review. I tried to put more information in to this than previous reviews, So I hope this was more useful to you. Please let me know If there is any other information you would like from future reviews.

Thank you for reading,

Until next time


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