The beauty tag

When browsing blogs, I came across Beauty and the ballroom who did the beauty tag and I thought It was an interesting thing, and I’d give it a go. I’m not going to tag anyone specific, because I feel like a lot of people have already done it, but If you haven’t then I tag YOU!

Do you remember your first makeup item?

No, Is the honest answer. I know that when I was younger, I had some makeup that my mum gave me, specifically this really weird peach coloured foundation and a very small eyeliner. My typical look was orange face and black eyes, iconic.

What kind of coverage do you prefer in a foundation?

As much as full coverage would be great, I find that I usually look caked when I wear it, so I tend to go for a more medium coverage. I like something that can give me some coverage, but still look natural and glowy. Because I have combination skin, and I think foundation catching on dry patches is kinda icky, I always like to be safe and go on the dewy side, and risk having to powder during the day.

Favourite high end brand?

I haven’t tried many, But I’ve always loved the look of nars and clinique. I have tried these two, and have liked the products from both. I’ve also tried urban decay and would love to try more from them. I’d love to try brands such as Charlotte Tilbury, Tarte, Too faced, hourglass, & jouer.

What cosmetic brands have you always wanted to try but still haven’t? 

I mentioned most of them in the previous question. There are some other high end brands that I’d love the chance to try, like Yves saint laurent, Huda beauty, Mac, La Roche Posay, Kiehls, Pretty much any brand you can think of, I’d love to try!

Favourite drugstore brand?

My favourite cheaper brand is definitely NYX, revolution Beauty coming a close second. I’m not sure what it is about NYX that I love, I think It’s because they make products for creative people, and ones that have so many uses. They have a wide range of products, and a lot of them work really well. The same with revolution beauty, they create really good products for people who can’t afford the high end stuff, and also for people who can but just really like this brand, because they do really work.

I’d love to mention maybelline as well. It isn’t the first brand I think of when I think of my favourite brand, but I have a lot of products from them that I like. Some of my favourite products are actually from maybelline, so I felt like I should mention them.

Do you wear false lashes?

Not on a daily basis, no. I put them on to take pictures but I’ve still not mastered it yet so I wouldn’t risk them being on my eyes for long periods of time, especially outside, because chances are they will fall off.

Is there any kin of makeup you can’t leave the house without?

Not really, I quite frequently go out without makeup on. But If I do ever want to go out with a little makeup on, I’ll apply some mascara, and lip balm. Something I never leave the house without though is SPF.

What is your most cherished beauty product?

I’m not sure, I don’t think I really have any attachments to my makeup. Obviously I’d be upset if I lost or broke something, but It can all be repurchased. If I had to pick one thing, It would be my Nars natural radiant longwear foundation, just because It was my first product from this brand, and It was quite expensive.

How often do you shop for makeup? Do you like to pick up and item here and there, or get lots at once?

I’m a bit of both. If I see something that looks nice or interesting, and It isn’t a huge amount of money, I might just pick it up, I also might ponder on it for a few days. Likewise I also like to do a big shop every now and then.

Do you have a beauty budget? or do you spend freely?

I’m quite free, but If I do a bigger shop, then I tend to set a limit. I don’t always stick to that limit, but If I go over It’s not usually by much. I’m quite paranoid when It comes to spending money. If I spend too much, I feel guilty and freak out.

Do you utilise beauty cards, vouchers, and sales when you shop for cosmetics?

Absolutely! If I can get some money off, even If It’s a little, then I’ll go for it. I have a lot of  cards for different shops, and use them whenever I remember.

What type of product do you use the most of?

If it has to be makeup, then probably contour and bronzer. I say both because I go from warmer tones of contour to cooler tones and using a bronzer. Other than that, I use a heck of a lot of moisturiser. I use at least 3 whenever I do my skincare routine. Excessive? a little bit, but I found they all do different things.

Is there a brand that you absolutely can’t stand?

I don’t think so. Obviously I don’t necessarily agree with brands that test on animals, But I wouldn’t say I can’t stand them. I hope that everyone moves towards not testing on animals, but I don’t hate any brand for it. There are some brands that I choose not to buy products from because of things about the brand or their owners that I don’t agree with, But I’m not the type to hate on a person or a brand for their choices. That may sound bad, and that I’m not sticking up for my beliefs or what is right, But I know that I’ve made mistakes, and I believe that you should treat people how you wish to be treated, and If I did or said something that was wrong, or wasn’t what others believed in, I’d hate for them to pick at it all the time.

Do you avoid certain ingredients in products?

If I’m honest, I have done nearly enough research on ingredients and things I should look out for. I do like to research products when I buy them to see if they have any harmful ingredients, but maybe I should look for the ingredients to avoid before I spend money on them.

Do you have a favourite place to shop for makeup?

There are a lot of places that I’d like to go to shop for makeup, but I get most of mine from Boots and Superdrug. I have gone to Debenhams and John Lewis before, but I’ve moved recently and they aren’t as easy to get to for me now. I’d love to go to America and try shopping at sephora and some of the drugstores over there.

Do you like trying new skincare products or do you keep a routine?

If you follow me you probably know that I love trying new things. Not everything I try works for me, and there are definitely products that are staples to my routine, but a lot of the things I keep in my skincare storage, I swap out with others every now and then. I do think It’s important to try new things, and to find things that works for you. I also think that, like exercise, the body can get used to the same thing if you do it too much, Which is why I have different moisturisers for different things, and I use 2 facial cleanser, and 2 toners (one to combat my acne, and one more hydrating), and I also have different serums and products that I switch in and out, depending on what my skin needs.

Favourite bath and body brand?

I’m not so sure on this one. I don’t pay nearly enough attention to the skin on the rest of my body and I do for the skin on my face. I do still like to try different things, but I don’t work so hard on it, as I don’t have such obvious problems on my body. I have been using soap and glory products on my body recently, and I really like them!

What brand do you think has the best packaging?

That really depends. I love the packaging for clinique products, its so clean and fresh. I really do think simple design is the best. Nars also has really sleek packaging. I will admit that brads like benefit have really fun and cute packaging, and I don’t think it takes away from the look, despite my preference for more simplistic designs. I think it’s just a different take on makeup packaging.

Do you belong to any online makeup communities?

Nope, I’d love to though.

Favourite beauty gurus?

Most of the beauty people I know of are from youtube and instagram, so don’t expect any high end makeup artists (not saying you tubers aren’t great, but if they work excusively for a company I probably won’t know them). I love Tati, glam life guru on youtube, and obviously sophdoesnails, and Emmas Rectangle. I also love SaharsArt on instagram and youtube. They’re all super funny and down to earth people, who know a lot about makeup, and give you advice, but seem like if you bumped into them on the street, they’d be pretty cool to chat to. (not that I would, anxiety and all).

Do you like multi-functional products like lip and cheek stains?

yes and no. I tried the lip and cheek stain from Benefit, and I wasn’t all that impressed by it. I love the idea of it, and I’ve got a flash palette, which you can use for a lot of different things, but a lot that I’ve tried, Haven’t been amazing to me.

Are you clumsy at putting on makeup?

Kind of, yes. I’m definitely not the best and not the most careful when It comes to my makeup, but I don’t think you need to be all that careful to get a great look. I do hope to improve, and get a bit less lazy about it.


Do you use makeup base/primer for the eyes?

Sometimes I do, sometimes I just use concealer. It really depends on how I feel and how lazy I am that day. If I have a concealer close to hand, I often just use that.

How many hair products do you use on a typical day?

If Im honest, you’d be lucky to have me brush my hair during a regular day. When I wash my hair I do use the 3 miracle oil by Aussie afterwards, but that’s usually as far as I go. I do need to get better at doing/looking after my hair.

What do you apply first? concealer or foundation?

Always foundation. I may occasionally apply a colour corrector before my foundation, but I always apply my foundation before my actual concealer.


Would you ever consider taking makeup classes?

Yes, definitely! I’ve just completed a course on beauty therapy treatment, So I’m definitely not against the idea of classes and courses, and makeup is something that I’m really interested in, so a course or class would be really fun and interesting to me.

What do you love about makeup?

It’s a way of expressing yourself, and a creative outlet. You don’t need to be amazing at drawing to be good at makeup, and you don’t need to have perfect skin and a flawless base to be able to wear it. Anyone can wear makeup and be happy and proud and confident wearing it.

That’s it for the beauty tag. I hope you enjoyed reading and getting to know me a bit better. I’d love to hear your answers so please do it yourself, and leave the links in the comments!

Until next time,


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