How I smoothed & brightened my skin in one week

As some of you may know, I’ve recently started working at a clinique counter, and one of the things that came when starting this job, is that I got to try some of the products. It makes it easier for me to help people with the products if i know about them myself. Anyway, one of the products i got to try was the fresh pressed vitamin C booster. I also got to try the fresh pressed vitamin C cleanser system at the same time.

To begin with, I’ll talk a little about my skin beforehand. I have very acne prone skin. It isn’t sensitive, or does it particularly react badly to specific products. It’s more that it reacts to hormones, and internal factors more than external ones. I have hyper pigmentation across my cheeks, jawline and the top of my neck. I also have texture on the skin on my face, in the form of tiny little bumps.

The vitamin C cleansing system are 7 sachets of a vitamin C powder that activates when mixed with water. You use it as a regular cleanser in the morning, and it works to brighten, even skin tone, and even skin texture. The fresh pressed booster also has a powder in the top that you mix with a liquid and this activates the powder. You can mix this with a moisturiser, or just apply it straight to the skin. It has 10% vitamin C, which means its quite an intense amount.

I used these two products daily, in the morning, for 7 days, and noticed instantly that my skin was glowing. during the week I did experience quite a bad breakout across my cheeks. This was because of a combination of things, the first being that I wasn’t using my regular face wash along with the fresh pressed cleanser. The second was that I’d been wearing makeup almost daily for about 2 weeks by this point which is completely unheard of for me, and the third reason was that I wasn’t taking proper care of my skin in the evenings. I noticed that I’d had some new hyper pigmentation left behind by this breakout, that by the end of the week had lightened quite dramatically. The rest of my face looked more bright and even. It wasn’t straight away that i noticed my skin was smoother, other that the visible acne I had. My cheeks and forehead looked so even in tone and texture which is completely new to me.

The difference is only faint, comparing the pictures at the beginning to these ones, but I hope you can see how much more even and bright my skin tone is, and how there is little texture. There are less dark marks, and the ones that are there are much less visible than before.

This photo is me with natural (foundation, blush, and mascara) makeup on. You can barely see any dark spots, and this angle shows how smooth my skin is (other than the few spots I have currently). I think my skin looks fresh, bright, and radiant!

I’ll definitely be trying this system again! Of the Clinique products I’ve tried so far, these two definitely stuck out to me. They target the areas that I have problems with and are so easy to use.

I hope you like this review, and please don’t think that I wrote this because of my new job. I have tried products because of the job, but I’m only writing about them because they really worked for me. I don’t get anything from this other than the possible joy gained from this helping someone.

Until next time,

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