Trying a new brand: Cargo – land down under

I’ve been wanting to try some new eyeshadow palettes, ones that are on the cheaper side, without compromising on the quality. Obviously these being new to me brands, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but them being so cheap I really wanted to try and let everyone know my opinions.

One of the brands I came across was Cargo, and I’d be lying if i said I’d never come across this brand. I’ve seen It In TKmaxx before, but never tried it.

I was drawn to this palette because it had a good amount of neutral colours, but also had a few pops of colour. It’s also primarily cool toned colours, which I don’t tend to buy, so I though this was something I didn’t already have in my collection. I really liked the packaging, but thought it was a little misleading when comparing to the actual colours inside. I was expecting at least a purple to match, and maybe some more bright colours like a yellow.

It has 5 matte shades, all neutral colours, and 7 shimmer-shades, ranging from champagne, to brown, to blue and green.

A few of the matte shades are very sheer, but I don’t mind this too much, as they are good to use to set my eye base or as a transition shade. Most of the other shades swatch really nicely and have a good level of pigmentation.

One thing I have noticed is that the shimmers aren’t really shiny, they have a nice sparkly but not much of a pop. You also have to dip your brush a few times to get a good even colour across a larger area like the lid.

With all that being said though, I do really like this palette and find myself reaching for it very regularly. It’s an easy way to add a pop of colour or create an everyday eye look, and the colours are easy to use and reliable.

This palette also comes with a double ended brush, and a black pencil eyeliner. The brush seems decent quality, though I would have liked one end to be a bit fluffier. The pencil also seemed okay, though I don’t think it lasts very long in the waterline.

Having used this palette, I’m really intrigued to try any other palettes from this company.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, have you tried anything from this company?

Until next time,

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