YesTo moisturised skin – Coconut oil stick

I recently got sent a coconut oil stick from YesTo to try out, and I immediately knew where I wanted to use it. I have really dry knees due to kneeling down at my old job, and nothing I’ve tried so far has either worked or has been too inconvenient for me to get into using regularly. With this I have the moisturising benefits of coconut oil, and also an easy to use, convenient stick form.

This retails for £9.99 which I think is a reasonable price for it. Coconut oil is quite expensive from what I’ve seen, and the handy stick form and lasting and visible results that I’ve seen has made that worth it for me. I’d definitely consider buying one after using this one up.

I was unsure of whether this stick would actually hold up against the heat that we’re experiencing in the UK at the moment, because all of the coconut oil i have in my house at the moment are liquid form. To my surprise, the oil does stay solid, and also it stays the nice consistency it is otherwise. This does a really good job of moisturising the skin, and it leaves a layer of oil that keeps the skin hydrated for hours after applying it. I know some people might not enjoy this, but I think for the purpose that I use it, It comes in really handy.

I also really enjoy how easy this is to take with me. I took it when I went on holiday and it just makes taking care of my knees so much simpler. I really hate having to carry but bottles or having to spray them, for the moisture to only last a few minutes.

I’ve been using this for a few weeks in the mornings, evenings, and after showers, and the dry skin on my knees has gotten a lot softer and lighter. I’ll definitely continue using this and see if the results continue to get better.

You can see from this image that the colour of my knees isn’t much different from the rest of my legs. There is still a little darkness on them but I’m so happy with how much lighter and softer they are now.

I also like to use this on the rest of my legs as It rarely moisturise then, and as I’m already in the position to reach them, it makes sense to. Also, using this means I’d have to worry less frequently about moisturising because I know that my legs will still have a thin layer from this. I’ve recorded the oil lasting at least 7 hours for me, which is really what I need!

I hope you enjoyed this little review! Let me know if you’ve tried this product out for yourself!

Until next time,

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