Amazon prime day deals I’d jump at!

I’m not a member of amazon prime personally, and I’m on a no buy at the moment, but I love amazon, and there are some things on their prime day that I’d love to get!

Lets start with these sleek highlighter palettes. I’m sure everyone either owns or has heard of the solstice palette, which I’ve been dying to try forever, and the cleopatras kiss palette is equally enticing. They’re down £4.33 for prime day, and any money saved is a good thing I think! You can get the solstice Here & cleopatras kiss Here.

The real techniques miracle complexion sponge is my go to makeup sponge, and I either break them, they get too grubby, or my dog eats one, so backups are always appreciated! At over half price as well it’s a bargain. You can get these sponges Here.

I’m a big fan of this face mask, and I think it’s super good at cleaning the skin and making it feel smooth and pure. I will admit I won’t buy it at full price because I just think it’s ridiculously expensive for a face mask, but I’m tempted by this offer!! You can get this mask Here.

I’ve heard a lot about this foundation, and although I’m not super keen on buying foundations on amazon (I can’t colour match well) being on offer really makes me more likely to take the chance. If I did a bit of research on the different shades beforehand I think I’d give it a go. You can get this foundation Here.

Another foundation id like to try is this one from max factor. I haven’t heard as much about this but I think foundations are one of those things that you really just need to try to see if it works for you, and at this price I can’t see a downside tbh. You can get this foundation Here.

Seche vite is and I’m sure always will be my favourite top coat, but the ons I have at the moment are a bit gloopy, and my nail varnish thinner has run out, so getting a new one on this deal just makes sense. I think it’s worth its original price, so this is a steal really. You can get this top coat Here.

I’ve not heard of this brand before, but I love glitter and would like to expand my collection, so this seems like a good deal. Even if you find it doesn’t work for your eyes or whatever you bought it for, there’s so many things you can do with glitter, like make sparkly slime, or do what I do, and put it in my boyfriends birthday cards so he can never say I don’t make it special. You can get these glitters Here.

I’ve not personally tried teeth whitening charcoal powder so this grabbed my attention. It’s trendy right now to brush your teeth with black powder, and it’s interesting to see if it actually works. If it does. It looks like this would last you a while as well. You can get this teeth whitening powder Here.

These aren’t makeup or skincare, but I think that these lighting options are not only cute, but practical too! I have 2 softbox lights (though only 1 works) and I think it really makes a difference in photographs, and the mirror lights are cute, aesthetically pleasing, and I imagine good lighting makes it easier to apply makeup and take pictures. Obviously these aren’t the cheapest things on the list but I think if you get any much cheaper they won’t be the best quality (my soft boxes were about £20 on sale and they’re not the greatest quality). The soft box offer ends at 9pm UK time and you can get them Here. The mirror light offer ends at 6:30pm UK time and you can get them Here.

DISCLAIMER: this post contains affiliate links. I may get a small commission if you buy something using these links. I did not create this post or talk about these products purely to get money. These are all products I would like to buy and that I thought others might be interested in. I only inserted the links because it makes it easier for you to find the products and I’m a human that does need to earn a living, if I can make a bit of extra money through blogging then that would be amazing. Please don’t use the links if this offends you.

Also, none of the photographers are my own. These are screen shots of the amazon app, I do not own any of the pictures in the screenshots, all credit to those who own them.

I hope you enjoyed reading and have made some purchases on amazon prime day!

Until next time,

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