Are face wipes actually useful?

I’m the type of person who buys a bunch of different face wipes, and only uses them once in a blue moon, because If Im gonna clean my face, I want to do it well. Since moving, I’ve had to find a new space for my wipes, so there are a few packets lying around. I’ve also not been wearing much makeup, and have been super tired, so I’ve skipped my late night face wash a few times. This isn’t something I’m proud of, but to make up for it I’ve always made sure I at least use a face wipe. Having suffered from bad acne for a lot of my life, I know this wasn’t the smartest move, but my tiredness outweighed the chance of getting spots.

I’ve been using these tea tree and peppermint oil wipes from Spa, and was always surprised when I’d wake up with no spots. Not even a little whitehead. This was huge for me. usually if I go a few hours without cleaning my face, I get whiteheads, but I managed to last a whole night without getting any. Not only did this surprise me because It wasn’t because I had washed my face, but also because I bought these face wipes for less than £2 from home bargains.

You get 25 wipes in each pack, which is really good for the price! They also don’t dry out easily and I can go over my face multiple times without it getting irritated or sore.

I’ll definitely be repurchasing these, once I find a home bargains near me.

I hope you enjoyed this little review. I’m starting to do mini reviews on instagram, that I may expand upon on here. If you want to see my little reviews that I don’t talk about on here, follow me at LipsNailsLife.

Until next time.


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