Loreal infallible longer shaping stick review

I bought this foundation not long after it came out, and have since only used it a handful of times. I think I was excited about the stick foundation form, especially from the drugstore.

This foundation is said to be highly pigmented, has a creamy formula, is super blendable,  super buildable, 24 hour lasting wear, and is available in 12 shades. 12 shades isn’t huge, and If I’m honest, It’s pretty disappointing. There are 2 shades for darker skin tones, these shouldn’t have to be an after thought, and by the sounds of it, they haven’t been in this case. They could have doubled the shade range and included a more diverse group of skin colours.

The shade I bought is 180, Radiant beige, which for the most part is a pretty good match for me. It’s not perfect, but It’s the closest match to me from the 12 shades. It has a medium coverage, satin finish, and leaves the skin looking natural, which I really enjoy. As my hyper pigmentation is getting better, and the weather is getting hotter, I’m opting for a slightly lighter coverage when I wear makeup, so this Is actually a really nice foundation for me right now. As the product claims, this is really easy to blend out on the skin, and doesn’t get patchy. I also applied It twice, to see if it is buildable, and I saw no problems when applying the second layer.

I tried this out for a day, to see how it held up. I finished applying my makeup at 1:30pm, and the finish was really nice and natural, you could see my hyper pigmentation, but the overall look and finish of my makeup was really nice.

I’d checked in mirrors throughout the day, and did notice that the foundation oxidises a little. It was a little darker than when I first applied it, which was partly down to it sinking into my skin, but It had definitely gotten a little darker on its own.

I checked in again at 4:25pm and the foundation still looked really good and smooth. It wasn’t overly oily, which is surprising considering my skin produces oil a lot if I’ve used one of my face during my skincare, which I had that day. This was a really good sign. The rest of the makeup on my face looked really good as well.

I only took one picture after this point, because Which was a close up at about 6. My makeup had started to get a bit more oily, and my natural skin was showing a bit, but overall it wasn’t too bad. When I checked the mirror at around 8pm my foundation had begun to breakdown slightly. It still looked like I had a full face on, but you could tell it had been on for a good few hours. By the time I removed my makeup, at around 11, It was really looking worse for wear, but I had spent the hour between 10 & 11 napping.

One thing I did notice was that when I removed my makeup, I didn’t have any new spots. Usually when wearing makeup, I get quite a few spots after wearing it for a few hours. This is a huge selling point for me, or for anyone who has acne prone skin.

All in all I would recommend this foundation. It’s really nice to wear and has pretty good coverage, definitely not full, but It makes the skin look so good. Its a really good price for what you get, and is easy to work with.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this review. I’d love some feedback on my posts and your opinions on this foundation if you’ve tried it too.

Until next time,


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