The secret to glowing skin? Superdrug jam face mask.

I’ve been really into using Vitamin C on my skin lately, having heard the amazing benefits it has on the skin. I’d picked up a Vitamin C serum from the superdrug own brand, not expecting it to work miracles, but hoping it would make my skin glow a bit more. After a few months of using this, and really enjoying the effect it had on my skin, I went back to superdrug to find they had a new Vitamin C mask in the range. I thought I’d pick it up and give it a go, considering it was only £4. It is called the revitalising jam face mask, and claims to detox skin, leave skin refined, recharged, and revitalised. It contains natural white sugar & orange peel to exfoliate and brighten, exotic goji berry which is a super fruit known to induce calm, wellbeing, and energy, and finally kakadu plum which has the highest know concentration of fruit on the planet apparently.

As per usual, I wanted to try this straight away because I have no self control when it comes to new things. I tried it out that night and wasn’t really sure what I thought of it. It has a bit of a weird consistency, it was really sticky and looked exactly like marmalade. It has little bits of sugar in it. It smells really nice also, very sweet and fruity.

You apply a thin layer to clean damp skin, and leave on for 5-10 minutes. You don’t need a lot of product to cover the whole face, so I think that the tub will last quite a while. after 5-10 minutes, apply warm water to the skin and massage for 60 seconds. After that you rinse the mask off. I really enjoy the massage part of using this mask, as I feel like it really helps exfoliate the skin, and also works the ingredients into the skin.

After removing the mask, I always notice how soft and smooth my skin in, not only in texture, but in appearance too. There isn’t any redness and the mask definitely brightens and evens my skin tone, which is a huge winner for me. This mask also doesn’t irritate or cause me to break out. I genuinely feel like my skin is glowing after using this mask, and I feel slightly more energised too.

I’ll definitely be using this the twice a week it recommends, and repurchasing after I eventually run out.

I hope you enjoyed this mini review Please let me know if you’ve used this, or other products from this range. I’d also love to hear about any products that work well for you and your skin.

Thank you for reading,

until next time


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